Genie Bouchard refused Justin Bieber's date: "I deserve Girlfriend of Century Award"

The Canadian tennis player revealed how in the past Bieber asked her to hang up, but she refused because she was engaged

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Genie Bouchard refused Justin Bieber's date: "I deserve Girlfriend of Century Award"
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The beautiful Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard has revealed how she said NO to a date with her crush Justin Bieber, as she was engaged, at the time of the proposal.

During a funny interview with CBS Family Feud Canada, Genie jokingly said that she deserves the Girlfriend of the Century Award for saying no to her favourite pop star and countryman.

"We played a tennis match for charity, and he asked me to hang up later, but I had a boyfriend, so I said no. And I think I deserve the Girlfriend of the Century Award!" she revealed.

The charity match was played in 2015, when Genie and Justin Bieber teamed up at the Will Farrell's 11th Annual Desert Smash in La Quinta, California. After the match, Bieber allegedly asked Genie to hang up later, but she refused as she was already in a love story.

Eugenie Bouchard and Justin Bieber
Eugenie Bouchard and Justin Bieber© Frazer Harrison / Staff Getty Images

Who is Genie's current boyfriend?

Love has become one of the main themes in the ATP and WTA Tours. There are many players who have announced the start of a relationship or the announcement of a wedding in recent months. On this topic, another good piece of news was made public last September to all fans on social media by Bouchard.

The 29-year-old tennis player, who returned to competing after various injuries that kept her sidelined for about a season (since March 2021), seems to have found her soulmate. Genie had at the time posted a photo of her kissing her new boyfriend on the cheek and then on the mouth.

The news inevitably shocked the fans, who became curious and tried to understand the identity of her boyfriend. This is Jack Brinkley-Cook, son of American supermodel Christie Brinkley.

And that wasn't the first time Bouchard appeared publicly with her new boyfriend. Back in 2022, around the beginning of October, the couple was spotted looking for lunch in SoHo, New York. At the beginning of the summer the two were spotted on a beach.

And to say that in the past there were some rumors that revealed that Bouchard was dating NFL quarterback Mason Rudolph.

"I would say I definitely wouldn't want to date someone in the tennis world. On one hand they would probably relate to you more than anyone else, but on the other hand they are like they are my friends. My friends are mostly outside of tennis and I like to text or call someone and talk about totally different things than sports, because my whole day is tennis, so I feel like the same goes for dating," she told was the Canadian player on the Golf Mostly podcast.

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