Emma Raducanu shares detailed look into major struggles she had after three surgeries

In May, Raducanu had three surgeries within 15 days.

by Dzevad Mesic
Emma Raducanu shares detailed look into major struggles she had after three surgeries
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Emma Raducanu shared some pretty heartbreaking insight into how her initial post-surgery period looked as the 21-year-old Briton was basically bed-ridden and just functioning and doing normal things was a real struggle for the Briton. 

On May 1st, Raducanu announced from the hospital bed that she had surgery on her right wrist and also revealed that in the next couple of days she would surgically address her left wrist and right ankle injuries. 15 days later on May 16th,  Raducanu uploaded a photo with her wrists and right ankle heavily bandaged and confirmed that her third and final surgery was also completed.

When Raducanu returned home, she couldn't walk because of the right ankle surgery but she also couldn't use crutches because of her wrist surgeries. For the next three weeks, Raducanu had to improvise and be assisted to just do basic things. 

"I had three surgeries within 10 days, which is pretty intense. For two or three weeks you can't do anything because you're not allowed to sweat. You can't move... Like, I had a scooter. I couldn't even use crutches because of my wrist surgeries. It was really difficult," Raducanu said on Tennis Channel.

"I was kind of swapping, you know two weeks the right [wrist] was in a cast. Then I take that off... the right is in a splint. Take that off... The left goes in a cast. Then the left goes in a splint..."

Raducanu on suffering setbacks in her comeback process

The primary goal of Raducanu's three surgeries was to relieve the Briton of the pain and discomfort she was experiencing over an extended period of time that was making it hard for her to train and compete. But just undergoing multiple surgeries was never a guarantee that everything would work out perfectly fine for the Briton and that she would not experience any further issues. 

When Raducanu returned to the practice court in August, it didn't really go as planned as the 2021 US Open champion experienced a couple of setbacks. At that point, Raducanu started having certain doubts and if she would be able to make her comeback at the start of the 2024 season in Australia. 

Emma Raducanu
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But Raducanu managed to play in Australia - and so far her comeback has been going absolutely great - as the 21-year-old hasn't dealt with any injuries or pain since returning to tennis. 

"And then it wasn't necessarily smooth coming back. I had a few setbacks so… I started training pretty much in December again and that's not much time to kind of get ready," Raducanu said. 

"Australia was in a bit of doubt as well. So to make it there and to be feeling healthy on the court now is the biggest win. 

"I know that good things and good results will come as long as I can stay healthy. Just doing the work. I know that good results will come as long as I can stay healthy and just keep doing the work that I am right now consistently day in and day out."

Raducanu hits back at critics over the Dubai appearance backlash

On Thursday, former world No. 10 Raducanu made a winning start to her fourth Indian Wells campaign after dismantling Rebeka Masarova 6-2 6-3. For Raducanu, it was her first match since she suffered a 0-6 6-7 (6) loss to Anhelina Kalinina in the Doha first round on February 12th. 

After the Doha exit, Raducanu was heavily criticized by the British media and called out for attending the opening of a luxury hotel in Dubai just 48 hours before her Doha match. At the time, it was being insinuated that was to blame for Raducanu's Doha loss and some even used that to claim that the 21-year-old's primary focus wasn't on tennis but on some other things. 

Following her opening win in Indian Wells, Raducanu pretty much described the comments that were made as nonsense. 

"I think that I trained [with] three hours of tennis, an hour and a half in the gym and had two hours off in the evening. But I don’t know, you should tell me what I should do in my off time from 8 pm till 10 pm," Raducanu said.

"It’s basically like training in Dubai and then having a nice dinner with a lot of people. The only difference is my dinners go public."

Meanwhile, Raducanu was thrilled with her performance against Masarova. 

"I think I dealt with that really well and overcame a really tough opponent who is dangerous in these conditions," Raducanu said.

Emma Raducanu
Emma Raducanu© Getty Images Sport - Clive Brunskill

Now, Raducanu is set for a meeting versus No. 30 seed and 2024 Australian Open semifinalist Dayana Yastremska. In their first and lone meeting so far, Raducanu was 6-2 5-3 up in their 2022 Portoroz match when the Ukrainian retired from the match.

While Yastremska is off to a strong start to 2024, Raducanu also kicked off her Indian Wells campaign in an impressive way and she will certainly feel well about her chances against the Ukrainian. 

Emma Raducanu