Eva Lys shares rheumatic autoimmune disease diagnosis, hits back at 'weak' comments

Lys took to social media to make an important announcement and revelation.

by Dzevad Mesic
Eva Lys shares rheumatic autoimmune disease diagnosis, hits back at 'weak' comments
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Eva Lys decided it was time to make some things clearer to her concerned fans as the 22-year-old announced she is battling a rheumatic autoimmune disease that at times prevents her from competing or forces her to adjust her schedule differently. 

Lys, who celebrated her 21st birthday in January, has played three tournaments so far in 2024. After competing at an ITF event in Canberra, world No. 146 Lys also took part in the Australian Open qualifying where she fell just short of reaching the main draw after losing in the qualifying final round.

In mid-February, Lys played for the third time this year as she won her qualifying opener at a WTA 1000 tournament in Dubai before losing in the final round. Since then, Lys hasn't participated in any tournaments.

Over the last couple of weeks, Lys' fans have grown concerned and have been reaching out to the 22-year-old about why she is not competing anywhere.

Eva Lys
Eva Lys© Getty Images Sport - Alexander Scheuber

Now, Lys has revealed that four years ago she was diagnosed with Spondyloarthritis, a type of arthritis that attacks the spine and in some cases also the joints of the arms and legs. 

"In 2020, shortly after winning my first ITF 25k title, I was diagnosed with a rheumatic autoimmune disease (Spondylarthritis). This has been a physical challenge that I face every day alongside the demands of my sport," Lys announced in a message posted on her social media.

Lys: I have often been called weak...

Lys, who was born in Ukraine but has always represented Germany since she moved there at the age of 2, took a moment to show her appreciation for her medical and athletic staff who are the reason why she was able to resume her career after her diagnosis. 

"Thanks to the fantastic support and treatment from my medical team, I am still able to pursue my athletic dreams and bring out the best in myself. However, there are times when I am forced to make last-minute changes and adjustments to my tournament schedule," Lys added.

Also, Lys sent a message to those calling her "weak" and doubting her. 

"Throughout my athletic career, I have often been told from the outside that I am too weak. But the more I heard it, the stronger it made me. Ultimately, no one knows what goes on behind the scenes for athletes," Lys said.

So far in her career, Lys has won three ITF titles and she also achieved a career-high ranking of No. 112 in 2023 April.