Coco Gauff funnily opens up on wanting to get in 'bakery business' with Iga Swiatek

In her Indian Wells round-of-16 win over, Gauff had her fourth bagel set in 2024.

by Dzevad Mesic
Coco Gauff funnily opens up on wanting to get in 'bakery business' with Iga Swiatek
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Coco Gauff says she is absolutely not superstitious about 6-0 sets as the American funnily said that she is also hoping to at least get close to Iga Swiatek's bagel numbers and have at least "a mini bakery."

On Wednesday, Gauff celebrated her 20th birthday in style as she destroyed world No. 28 Elise Mertens 6-0 6-2 in the Indian Wells round-of-16. For the top-ranked American female tennis player, it was her 15th win of the year but also her fourth set won in 2024 with a 6-0 scoreline. 

In the last two years, world No. 1 Swiatek had by far the most bagel sets on the WTA Tour, clinching 22 in 2022 and 23 last year, respectively. So far this season, Swiatek has had four bagel sets. Swiatek's impressive bagel numbers have led to fans creating memes about it, which often see the Pole serving bagels in the imaginary "Iga Swiatek bakery."

Following her win over Mertens, Gauff was asked if she feared getting a bagel set would bring some bad luck because some male players have this superstition that they would lose the next set after winning one with a 6-0 scoreline.

"Honestly, I think I'm trying to get as many 6-0 sets as possible because we have Iga who has the bakery. I can have a mini one," Gauff said.

"I did think about it, because I remember Taylor Fritz said in an interview...  I've only heard Taylor's about the 6-0 set. He was, I'll lose a game to make it 6-1. I did think about that. I don't believe in that superstition. Obviously it happens, I feel like, more frequently than you think.

"But, yeah, I don't believe in it (smiling)."

Coco Gauff
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Gauff hopes to win her first Indian Wells title this year

Although Gauff turned just 20 on Wednesday, this is already her fourth Indian Wells appearance. In her previous three appearances, the American picked up back-to-back third-round exits in 2021 and 2022 before losing in the Indian Wells quarterfinal last year.

On Thursday, Gauff will be taking on world No. 49 Yue Yuan, in a match where she will be the absolute favorite to end on the winning side. For the 20-year-old American, winning Indian Wells is something she absolutely wants to accomplish and she hopes that will come this week. 

"I think, obviously I want to win this tournament, I'm playing in it. But I will say, yeah, it's definitely one of the tournaments I want to win at least once in my career. Hopefully it can be now. I feel pretty good about my chances," Gauff said.

"Obviously Miami being a home tournament, that would be a dream to win, as well."

Coco Gauff
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Gauff on her unique path

On her 20th birthday, Gauff was also asked to reflect on her life and her unique path. When making a question to Gauff, a reporter acknowledged that many other 20 year olds are concerned and thinking about some other things in life such as midterms, spring break, relationships, etc... 

But in her 20, Gauff is already hugely accomplished and her life is everything but an ordinary life. 

Answering the question, Gauff admitted that she feels very "blessed" to be in this position but also underlined that during her entire life she has been a very hard worker. 

"Yeah, I definitely do recognize the uniqueness of it. It is a contrast of why me and also the work that I put in. Yeah, I mean, honestly it's, like, yeah, I don't think it's solely because of work, because a lot of people work hard. Some people, I don't know, just -- I'm lucky that I was born with a great athletic ability, which kind of helps me. I also was born with, like, a work ethic and learned how to work hard and can enjoy working hard," Gauff explained.

"But yeah, it is sometimes, like, Why me? Because again, on tour, and even when I was playing like 25s and you just see girls are really working hard, it's not like they're not working hard but they just can't get it. Not that I say I have it all figured out, because I don't, but I am very blessed to be in the position I am in."

After addressing the tennis part of the question, Gauff revealed that there is the "why me" part when it comes to her off-court status and being on magazine covers and hanging out with celebrities. While Gauff is pleasantly surprised to be in this position, she highlighted that she is just grateful and appreciative of the fact that people gravitate toward her. 

Coco Gauff
Coco Gauff© Getty Images Sport - Matthew Stockman

Meanwhile, Gauff will be meeting 25-year-old Yuan for the first time when they clash against each other in the Indian Wells quarterfinal. 

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