"Leave Aryna Sabalenka alone," fans annoyed by Miami media intrusiveness

In the first matches in Miami, journalists asked questions about the dramatic situation with Badosa and Wozniacki: a situation that annoyed the fans

by Lorenzo Ciotti
"Leave Aryna Sabalenka alone," fans annoyed by Miami media intrusiveness
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Aryna Sabalenka will take to the court to play the WTA 1000 in Miami, but without giving interviews or press conferences after the matches.

The Belarusian tennis player apparently made this decision despite the tragic death of her boyfriend Konstantin Koltson, former NFL star who, according to the reconstruction of the Miami police, committed suicide by throwing himself from the balcony of her hotel.

Sabalenka still has two days to withdraw from the event in her case, considering that her second round match against her friend Paula Badosa is scheduled for Friday.
The rumors seem to be confirmed by a particular aspect: despite the very difficult moment that she is experiencing together with her family, the winner of the Australian Open trained in Florida and therefore did not cancel the scheduled training session.

In the meantime, the cause that led to her tragic death is being investigated on the former hockey champion. While some Belarusian media initially put forward the hypothesis of a blood clot, the Miami Police Department revealed and confirmed that it was an alleged suicide. The news and the latest news on the case have been spread from CNN.

Fans meanwhile turned against the media present in the press room at the Miami Open, who asked questions about Sabalenka's state of mind during the press cinference of Caroline Wozniacki and Paula Badosa.

"It's also a shock for me because she's my best friend and I don't want to see her suffer. It's very difficult. Playing against her won't be pleasant at all," said Badosa.

"I'm also tearing up. It's such a terrible situation. It's so hard. I reached out to her and I told her that I was here if she needed anything. I can't even imagine what Aryna Sabalenka is going through right now. I'm saying that," replied Caroline.

Fans complained to the media of being disrespectful and intrusive, in a tragic moment like the one the Belarusian star is experiencing, therefore asking journalists to leave Aryna Sabalenka alone.

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