Harold Mayot shields from criticism: "I thought Arthur Cazaux only had cramps"

The Frenchman was accused of failing to provide aid to the countryman, who collapsed on the court, in Miami

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Harold Mayot shields from criticism: "I thought Arthur Cazaux only had cramps"
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In the videos released on social media, fans and social users have not forgiven Harold Mayot's reaction towards his countryman Arthur Cazaux, the latter fainting during their first round match of the Miami Open qualifiers.

Mayot initially remained in his part of the court without reaching Cazaux, who was visibly in difficulty.

Harold Mayot
Harold Mayot© Megan Briggs / Stringer Getty Images Sport

Mayot received some criticism, but clarified the matter on his X account, posting a different video of himself standing next to Cazaux as he was wheeled off the court.

"Stop starting a false controversy over nothing. He hadn't been feeling well for several games and was starting to have cramps. I didn't see him fall and I thought he was lying on the ground with a cramp. When I realized it was a serious thing I immediately reached. There he is. At least have the honesty to post a full video instead of putting so much effort into it. Peace and Love," wrote the Frenchman.

The two Frenchmen have known each other for some time and also played against each other in the final of the Australian Open Junior, a match won in two sets by Mayot.

What happened

Arthur Cazaux initially fainted, collapsing to the ground for a few moments, during the first round match in the Miami Open qualifying tournament. A dramatic moment that frightened everyone present at the court.

The French tennis player was probably a victim of the high temperatures that hit the south-eastern cape of Florida and he experienced a truly complicated moment.

Harold Mayot Arthur Cazaux