Ex-wife: Aryna Sabalenka's boyfriend was 'likely very drunk' when fell to death

Sabalenka's boyfriend Konstantin Koltsov tragically lost his life in Miami this week.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ex-wife: Aryna Sabalenka's boyfriend was 'likely very drunk' when fell to death
© Aryna Sabalenka - Instagram

Aryna Sabalenka's boyfriend Konstantin Koltsov, 42, was "very likely very drunk" when he fell off the balcony into death and it may not have been a suicide, his ex-wife Julija Mikhailova says. 

After initial reports from Belarusian media suggested that Koltsov's death was linked to a blood clot issue, the Miami-Dade Police Department shut down that claim. In a statement released on Tuesday, the Miami-Dade PD revealed that on Monday they responded to a call from the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort in "a reference to the male that jumped from a balcony."

Also, the police department said they were looking into the case as "an apparent suicide" and that "no foul play" was suspected at the scene of a Miami hotel. 

But Mikhailova - who was married to Koltsov until 2020 and shared three kids with the former Belarusian hockey star - isn't buying the suicide story just yet and does not rule the entire situation being just "an accident" that happened while her ex-husband was drunk. 

"Most likely, he was very drunk. Unfortunately, hockey players are sometimes guilty of this. Empty alcohol bottles were found in the room where Konstantin stayed," Mikhailova told Zerkalo.

"There was a balcony overlooking the ocean. Probably Konstantin did not keep track of his actions."

Aryna Sabalenka and Konstantin Koltsov
Aryna Sabalenka and Konstantin Koltsov© Aryna Sabalenka - Instagram

Mikhailova on Koltsov's death, her relationship with Sabalenka

When asked directly what was her opinion on the situation, Mikhailova said she believed it was "an accident."

"It was an accident," Mikhailova said. 

After making that clear, Mikhailova revealed that she was able to access some of Koltsov's mail and see that his recent bookings and purchases were a clear indicator that he was not planning on taking his own life.

"That is, he did not intend to die. Anything, of course, can go to your head, but there was no sign of tragedy."

Konstantin Koltsov
Konstantin Koltsov© Aryna Sabalenka - Instagram

Also, Mikhailova - who called out Sabalenka in one of her Instagram posts from a couple of years ago - confirmed that she has no issues with the Belarusian tennis star, who dated Koltsov for the past couple of years. 

"Yes, I have. Nice girl. My post a few years ago was dictated by emotions, it was very painful. I loved Konstantin very much... But Sabalenka treated my children well, so I have a normal attitude towards her," Mikhailova said of Sabalenka.

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