Nick Kyrgios gets real on 'tough conversations' with himself, bad decisions from past

Kyrgios gets candid on his comeback, overcoming a difficult period, making bad decisions and learning from them.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nick Kyrgios gets real on 'tough conversations' with himself, bad decisions from past
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Nick Kyrgios has made some big and deeply honest revelations about his injury period and comeback as the Australian tennis star had some "really tough conversations" with himself but now he is preparing to play again soon. 

In 2022, Kyrgios played the tennis of his life and everything seemed to fall into place for him as many were excited and looking forward to what he would do in 2023. But then, Kyrgios sustained a knee injury just before the start of the 2023 season, and when he returned in 2023 June, he picked up a wrist injury and another surgery followed. 

Last week - after months of recovering and doing treatments - Kyrgios started practicing again. 

When asked on The AO Show podcast what would be his message to his fans, Kyrgios said, via Tennis Australia: “Just hang tight. I’ll be back on court soon and I’ll give you a little bit more to cheer about, that’s for sure.”

After a career-best 2022 season and making his first Grand Slam singles final at 2022 Wimbledon, Kyrgios wasn't hiding that he was determined to also make a very deep run at the 2023 Australian Open. It wasn't only Kyrgios who thought that was possible as many thought the Australian tennis star was a legitimate contender to make a deep run at Melbourne Park in 2023 January. 

But then, Kyrgios suffered the most devastating blow after an injury forced him to skip the 2023 Australian Open and then to also miss Wimbledon later that year and ultimately all Grand Slams in 2023.  

“It’s arguably been one of the hardest years of my life tennis-wise,” Kyrgios acknowledged.

“Everything else has been amazing, I can’t complain about anything else. But tennis-wise, I’ve had some really hard conversations with myself.

“Like why am I doing all this? Like I don’t have to do it, but I’m doing it for some reason. So I know there’s still fire in the belly, which is good.

“I’m hitting for the first time next week, so as soon as I get back out on court, I guess it’s just going to be starting up, getting that load back through my wrist and my body.

“But look, I definitely will be coming back. It’s just hard to put an exact date on it because the injury was quite severe.”

Nick Kyrgios
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Kyrgios on making bad decisions and learning from them 

Ahead of his 29th birthday on April 27th, Kyrgios admits he hasn't been perfect and that there have been some mistakes and bad decisions on his part. But now very close to his thirties, the 2022 Wimbledon runner-up says he has matured in a lot of ways and he is now more confident and more comfortable in his own skin than it was the case in the past. 

Already in 2022, Kyrgios was showing signs that he was maturing and that was positively reflected in his results.

"I’ve gone through so many life lessons and I’ve made so many bad decisions,” Kyrgios admitted.

“(But) I’ve learned from those moments and now I feel extremely confident in my own skin. I don’t compare myself to others and I’m just trying to be better every day.”

Nick Kyrgios
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Kyrgios on his expectations and his mindset in his comeback 

When Kyrgios last played tennis, he was enjoying his best days and he was beating the top players and making good runs in the biggest tournaments. But a lot of time has passed since Kyrgios last participated in a tournament at the 2022 US Open. 

With that being said, Kyrgios is likely facing a major challenge as the Australian has to start from scratch and slowly build his form and fitness again.

When it comes to his comeback goals and aspirations, Kyrgios wants to have fun and enjoy his time on the court but he is also targeting to rediscover his old game and get back to making strong results.

“I’m getting to the point of my career where I know that I’ve had a lot of success and many athletes don’t even have a quarter the success of that, so it’s selfish for me to come back and demand to be making Wimbledon finals again,” Kyrgios said.

Nick Kyrgios
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This week, the clay season started. Since Kyrgios has appeared in just one clay tournament since 2019 and it is well-known that he is not a big fan of the surface, it wouldn't be surprising if the 28-year-old decided to skip the entire clay swing and return to action at the start of the grass season. 

Nick Kyrgios