Will success force Danielle Collins to stay on the Competitive Courts?

When the time comes for a player to see retirement close to their horizons, is the idea written in stone or is there some wiggle room as to where or when?

Will success force Danielle Collins to stay on the Competitive Courts?
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"Earlier this year around the holidays I decided this would be my last season. I'm feeling really happy about it and looking forward to it," Danielle Collins told the WTA media before winning her two WTA 1000 back-to-back titles.

Collins has had some health issues but proclaims that it was not the reason of giving her retirement announcement. In 2016 she turned pro and three years later was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. A few years from then she had to undergo an emergency surgery to treat endometriosis.

But is was since her days in college tennis that drove her into professional tennis. Danielle won the NCAA championship twice at the University of Virginia after her transfer from the University of Florida. She'd known that tennis was going to be it for her and decided to take the bitters with the sweets.

This 2024 season, Danielle Collins went to the second round defeated by Iga Swiatek and in Abu Dhabi only made it to the Round of 16. But it wasn't such a bummer because she had a victory over the comeback player Naomi Osaka in straight sets, with the last set being a 'bagel'

The Qatar Open and the ATX event she finished at the quarterfinals. She lost to Swiatek at Indian Wells and upon the losses that's when it seems justified that a player would decide to retire. But then her career started to heat up and the tennis community looked at her in a different light of maybe she'll stay on tour and grace everyone with her magnificent wins.

The Miami Open was an accomplishment even for Danielle where she climbed up the rounds nearly without losing a set. She's had significant wins over France's Caroline Garcia and Ekaterina Alexandrova going deep to the Championship round with Elena Rybakina and won her first WTA 1000 title.

The Charleston Open was next with all eyes on how deep she'd go with the South Carolina event. She, in fact did better not losing a set the entire tournament and having a 13-match winning streak. Danielle won over the toughest and strongest from Jabeur, Badosa, Sloane Stephens to Sakkari and Daria Kasatkina.

"I have always wanted wo win every tournament I signed up for, but...because it is my last year....I really want to try to win a WTA 1000 this year." Collins has satisfied her dream and is ready to move on from tournament to tournament until the end of the season.

She's glad that her health as well as her tennis is doing remarkable and currently is ranked no. 15 in the world. Despite her successes, Danielle Collins says that "At this point I feel like I'm ready for the next chapter, and I'm really excited about it. I needed to have an end date."

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