Serena Williams joins best friends Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in a Polo event

The former US icon, Meghan and Prince Harry met during a Polo event

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Serena Williams joins best friends Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in a Polo event
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Serena Williams has finally reunited with her friend Meghan Markle. The legendary former US tennis star, the actress and her husband Prince Harry met at a Polo event, a sport much followed by the member of the Royal Family.

And it was Serena's opportunity to meet Meghan again. The friendship between Serena and Meghan has lasted for at least 14 years. The 23-time Slam champion has repeatedly praised Meghan, often sharing beautiful words for her.

"It's out now and worth a listen, especially if you're ambitious. I loved talking about so many important topics with my dear friend Meghan as her first guest on Archetypes for Spotify!" wrote Serena on Instagram a while back.

"Such a great friend and also an exceptional person. And always positive, no matter what. It's so nice to have people like that, just to know," said Serena months ago, during a post-match press conference, as also reported by People.

Meghan Markle
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Serena Williams' beautiful message on mental health

Serena William changed modern women's tennis. The American champion has achieved great results over the years, she was number 1 for some time and, together with her sister Venus, she rewrote the history of tennis.

Serena is also an icon of black athletes, of the battles for social equality. One of the many topics Serena deals with concerns mental health.

Serena Williams
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A few months ago, on Twitter, Serena clarified how there was a time when she didn't feel well but that ultimately there were no problems with this, it's simply normal.

"I'm not okay. And it's okay to not be okay. No one is okay all the time and every day. If you're not okay today, I'm with you. There will always be a tomorrow. I love you," she wrote.

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