Federico Coria addresses Nick Kyrgios ripping him in 2021 over Novak Djokovic act

Kyrgios harshly criticized Coria in 2021 for asking Djokovic for a post-match selfie after losing the match with just one game won.

by Dzevad Mesic
Federico Coria addresses Nick Kyrgios ripping him in 2021 over Novak Djokovic act
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Federico Coria thinks Nick Kyrgios ripping him over a selfie with Novak Djokovic was unprovoked and reveals he would have liked at the time that he had been in a position to sit down for a conversation with the Australian tennis star and explain to him some things. 

In 2021 May, Coria made the quarterfinal at an ATP 250 event in Belgrade before his run ended with a 1-6 0-6 demolition loss to world No. Djokovic. While it was a pretty heavy loss, Coria - now 32 years old - smiled after the match ended and stopped Djokovic for a selfie. To no one's surprise, Djokovic was in a great mood and he gladly granted Coria's request. 

While some thought it was a very nice and warm moment between two players, some weren't impressed. One of those unimpressed was Kyrgios, who had a hard time understanding how could a player act like that after such a brutal loss. 

"So you are taking a photo after he has literally burnt you off the court. Very, very strange mentality to have. Joker one of the greats for sure, but come on, losing a set 6-0, then asking for a photo? That ain't it," Kyrgios wrote in the comment section of one Instagram post that was showing Coria and Djokovic's selfie. 

In another comment, Kyrgios added: "This guy is a 'professional.'"

Federico Coria and Novak Djokovic
Federico Coria and Novak Djokovic© Federico Coria - Instagram

Coria responds to Kyrgios' criticism over a selfie with Djokovic

After mainly competing on the Challenger Tour for many years, Coria started to slowly also appear in the main-level tournaments in 2020 and 2021. Now, Coria says making an ATP quarterfinal in 2021 and playing against the world No. 1 was a big thing for him because there were several times in the past when he thought his career was finished. 

While addressing Kyrgios' criticism, Coria also suggested that hearing something like that from the Australian didn't surprise him that much since he can "get off sometimes."

"Yes, I saw that. I would have loved to have been able to tell Kyrgios what my story was. Where I come from. What it took for me to get here. How many times I stopped playing tennis. In 2019 how much money I had to keep playing. If maybe I had told him my story, he would have obviously understood what it meant to me to play in the quarterfinals in Serbia against the best player in history..." Coria told CLAY.

"Obviously I would have liked to do better and have a good result, but everyone lives his own story. The truth is that I saw it and I understand where it is coming from. Kyrgios has shot all over the place. He once criticized the ATP draw in Chile, he said that all the clay rats should be exterminated. We know that he gets off sometimes."

Federico Coria
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Coria on if there is anything he likes about Kyrgios

Coria may have had one unpleasant situation with Kyrgios in the past but still he thinks that there are some positive things about the 2022 Wimbledon finalist's personality. Also, Coria underlined that Kyrgios has changed for the better over the last few years. 

"I think it’s part of a character that he sells. He’s pretty quiet now. I think tennis needs him too. I don’t share many things, I have other values. It is part of the show, it is good that he is there. He also criticized Carreño Busta once. It went like hell because Carreño Busta already has two semis in the US Open, he won a Masters 1000 on hard court. If he shot Carreño Busta, he’s going to shoot me," Coria said.

Meanwhile, there was one thing that may have played a role in Kyrgios calling out Coria over a selfie with Djokovic. Back then, Kyrgios didn't have a good relationship with Djokovic and it wasn't a secret that the Australian tennis star didn't like much the Serb. 

But after years of not liking Djokovic too much and even insulting the Serb as "a tool" once, everything changed in 2022 January when Kyrgios supported the 36-year-old during the infamous Australia visa gate. Since then, Kyrgios and Djokovic have had a great relationship and they often complimented each other over the last few years and engaged in friendly banters. 

Nick Kyrgios and Novak Djokovic
Nick Kyrgios and Novak Djokovic © Getty Images Sport - Graham Denholm

During the Australia visa saga, Coria was also there for Djokovic as he even practiced with the record 24-time Grand Slam champion at Melbourne Park in 2022 just before the Serb was deported from Australia.

Meanwhile, Coria hasn't had any matches against Djokovic since their Belgrade meeting from 2021.

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