Paula Badosa, Stefanos Tsitsipas do something common for couples after breakup

On Sunday, Badosa announced she was splitting with Tsitsipas.

by Dzevad Mesic
Paula Badosa, Stefanos Tsitsipas do something common for couples after breakup
© Tsitsidosa Instagram

Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas have already unfollowed each other on Instagram, just shortly after announcing they were done as a couple. 

On Sunday, Badosa took to Instagram to make an important announcement as she revealed that she and Tsitsipas decided to end their relationship. 

Badosa and Tsitsipas, who started talking during last year's Rome Open, decided to end things just before officially hitting one-year anniversary as a couple. 

A couple of hours later, tennis fans noticed that the duo also stopped following each other in Instagram - something that's not uncommon to see after a couple decides to end things. 

Badosa's announcement on the Tsitsipas split

In a statement that was carefully writen, Badosa said she and Tsitsipas spent some memorable time together but felt it was time to move on. Also, Badosa said she and Tsitsipas were separating in a respectful way and would continue being friends.

"After careful consideration and many cherished moments together, Stefanos and I have decided to amicably part ways. We have shared a journey filled with love and learning, and it is as friends with immense mutual respect that we now choose to move forward on our own paths," Badosa wrote on her Instagram Story.

"We are grateful for the support of our friends, family, and all who have been part of our story. As we transition into this new chapter of our lives, we continue to wish each other nothing but the best in all our endeavors. We kindly ask for privacy during this time, and we thank you for your understanding and respect."

Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas
Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas© Tsitsidosa Instagram

Since both Badosa and Tsitsipas are regular participants of the biggest tournaments, they will probably bump into each other many more times in the future - that could happen as soon as this week in Rome. 

It remains to be seen if the breakup will have any impact on Badosa and Tsitsipas' tennis.

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