Andy Roddick opens up on his years-long battle with 'various types of skin cancer'

Roddick reveals he has been dealing with skin cancer pretty much since retiring in 2012.

by Dzevad Mesic
Andy Roddick opens up on his years-long battle with 'various types of skin cancer'
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American tennis legend Andy Roddick has shared that he has battled "various types of skin cancer" since concluding his pro tennis career as the former world No. 1 is now doing regular check ups and urging everyone to use sunscreen from a younger age. 

Roddick, who is 41 years old, walked away from pro tennis just days after turning 30 as he played the last tournament of his career at the 2012 US Open. 

A couple of years after retiring, Roddick noticed something in his lip and he later had it removed after it turned out to be cancerous. Since then, the 2003 US Open champion has been regularly visiting dermatologists and monitoring his condition. 

“I’ve dealt with various types of skin cancer since I stopped playing,” Roddick said on the Served with Andy Roddick podcast.

“I had a squamous cell tumor taken out of my lip, probably like five or six years ago, I haven’t ever talked about it. This morning we went into this face laser thing that’s why for those of you watching on YouTube it looks like I got in a fight.”

Andy Roddick
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Roddick: Never forget to use sunscreen 

As a pro tennis player, Roddick was exposed to sun numerous times during a tennis season. Learning from his own experience, Roddick says you can never use too much of a sunscreen as he is advising everyone to regularly use it and he is also advising parents to teach their kids that as well. 

When relaying that message, Roddick highlighted that not using sunscreen at a young age could come to haunt someone later in life.

“It stinks. I think I’m going to be a general kind of hatchet job for the rest of my life,” Roddick said.

“Won’t go into the ‘woe was me’ part of it, because nothing is wrong, everything is good but, use sunscreen. Put sunscreen on your kids, especially if they are tennis players. The problem won’t present itself when the kid is eight, but it might present itself when that kid is grown and is 38.

“Greener pastures ahead. I’ve made it a habit to get checked time after time after time. At the moment, we are all good."

Since retiring, Roddick has worked as a tennis commentator and analyst and he is also now hosting his own podcast.

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