Camila Giorgi's ex-landlord makes shock theft accusations against Italian

A landlord in Italy claims Giorgi left with unpaid rent and also took some antiques and furniture with her.

by Dzevad Mesic
Camila Giorgi's ex-landlord makes shock theft accusations against Italian
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New stunning allegations have been made against Camila Giorgi as her former landlord claims she had six months of unpaid rent and also stole highly-priced antiques and furniture before fleeing to the United States. 

On May 8th, the tennis world was left shocked after 32-year-old Giorgi just appeared on ITIA's list of retired players. 

While everyone was stunned by Giorgi's sudden retirement, stunning reports from Italy emerged and claimed that the former Italian tennis star fled from the country to the United States because the tax authorities were going after her. According to reports, former world No. 26 Giorgi owed €464k in unpaid taxes. 

Now, more accusations have been made against Giorgi as the landlord who was renting her home in Calenzano, Tuscany, claims that not only the former Italian tennis star left with unpaid rent but also took furniture that was valued in a price range of €50-€100k.

“They made half of our furniture disappear. Persian rugs, fine furniture, even an antique half-ton table. We are talking about damage between 50 and 100 thousand euros," the landlord told La Repubblica.

Camila Giorgi
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The landlord on Giorgi and her father: A hateful behavior

While making his allegation against Giorgi, the landlord revealed they got in touch with the Italian's father Sergio with the hopes of at least getting back the antiques and furniture. But that didn't go well as apparently Sergio Giorgi simply downplayed the entire situation by claiming the objects taken were "little to no value."

That response left the landlord sad, disappointed but also frustrated. 

“I wrote to him that they must at least give us back our things, he responded in a contemptuous way saying that they were objects of little value," the landlord said. 

“A hateful behaviour, for those like me who have suffered economic but also emotional damage.

“I can’t know how much is true or how much Camila owes the State, but I know what he owes us.

“Those objects are part of my mother’s life and mine: I want them back, at least this much, given that we have lost hope due to the thousands and thousands of euros in back rent.”

Camila Giorgi
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Giorgi's statement after the reports of her leaving with unpaid taxes in Italy

After reports coming from Italy suggested that Giorgi may have suddenly retired because she wanted to escape the Italian tax authorities, Giorgi finally broke the silence on her retirement. In a message that was posted on her Instagram on May 12th, Giorgi confirmed she decided to end her pro tennis career but also slammed the reports coming from Italian media as "false."

“Please trust this Instagram for truthful information. To my lovely fans, I am happy to formally announce retirement from my tennis career. I am so grateful for your wonderful love and support for so many years," Giorgi wrote in a message posted on her Instagram Story after the news of her sudden retirement from tennis.

“I cherish all the beautiful memories. There have been many inaccurate rumors about my future plans, so I look forward to providing more information about exciting opportunities ahead. It is a joy to share my life with you, and let’s continue this journey together. With much love, Camila.”

Camila Giorgi
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A week ago, Giorgi's lawyers also addressed the reports of the former Italian tennis star fleeing to the United States to avoid paying unpaid taxes in Italy. In a lengthy statement, Giorgi's lawyers claimed the Italian was contemplating retirement for quite some time - the situation in Italy played no part in Giorgi's decision - and that the former world No. 26 would return to Italy to clear her name.

"Regarding the removal from the Calenzano residence, it was a temporary removal due to a divergence of views within the family, and the desire to take a pause for reflection to decide how to plan one's life after abandoning the competitive activity. There is no intention of escaping investigations or responsibilities, indeed there has always been maximum transparency and collaboration when required," Giorgi's lawyers said in a statement.

"This is actually a decision that has been made for several months, ever since after Covid Camila was thinking of gradually slowing down, she was having difficulty coping with the stress of competitive activity. In any case, Camila will soon return to Italy and will be able to give all the necessary explanations, also through her lawyers, in the competent offices."

This year, Giorgi appeared in six tournaments but didn't enjoy much success as she posted just a 3-6 record. Before her abrupt retirement, Giorgi last played in March when she competed in Indian Wells and Miami. In her last tournament played in Miami, Giorgi defeated Magdalena Frech before losing to world No. 1 Iga Swiatek in her following match.

During her career, Giorgi won four WTA titles, with the biggest coming at a WTA 1000 tournament in Montreal in 2021.

Camila Giorgi