Venus Williams becomes a Barbie-doll: Serena Williams honors her sister

The US tennis legend was honored with her-own doll of the most famous doll brand on the planet

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Venus Williams becomes a Barbie-doll: Serena Williams honors her sister
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The legend of Venus Williams has always transcended the boundaries of tennis, making her a true global icon of resilience, fashion, will, encouragement for young women to approach sport. Venus, together with her sister Serena Williams, wrote the history of tennis, receiving honors from all over. 

The latest honor Venus receives is intrinsically tied to American history. Venus became a Barbie-doll; the Venus Williams Barbie! An honor that testifies and certifies the iconic status of the legendary tennis player. An honor arrived on the 65th anniversary of the most famous doll-brand in the world. The new line-up Role Model dolls will celebrate women sporting icons, 

Serena honored her sister with an Instagram story in which her sister Venus is seen holding the Barbie-doll-Venus in her hand.

We recall last year, Venus gave a fantastic interview during the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati, in which she once again showed her resilience.

"I'm always happy to return to Cincinnati, for me it's like playing at home. This is only my first match in the tournament but my goal is to play more and more and find rhythm, I want to improve more and more but I'm aware that it's not easy This year has been very hard and challenging due to the many injuries but now I'm just hoping for a bit of luck. When you're down, even with a double break, you start to think in a simpler and more relaxed way, maybe I was just thinking about maintain the service and then see how it would go. In the past I have always been used to being the one ahead, but recently and even today I have had to deal with these problems. It was all different, but this is tennis and that's what makes it exciting.

Venus Williams
Venus Williams© Marleen Moise / Staff Getty Images

A victory at 43? The satisfaction of winning today is related to all the work I have done in recent months. The Wimbledon crash shocked me, it was a really difficult time for me and now I'm very happy to be here. I did everything to return as soon as possible and now I'm here, that's why this victory gives me so much satisfaction. I think I'm at a better level than at the beginning of the season. The rain delays here were worrying me, I was traumatized by what happened in Auckland. I can't stop thinking about it, it mustn't happen again. But my level is definitely better than at the beginning of the season and I just have to keep playing to improve," she told.

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