BREAKING: Decision in Alexander Zverev assault appeal reached

Zverev and his ex-girlfriend Brenda Patea have reached 'an out-of-court settlement.'

by Dzevad Mesic
BREAKING: Decision in Alexander Zverev assault appeal reached
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Alexander Zverev's assault trial has concluded as the German tennis star has reached "an out-of-court settlement" with his ex-girlfriend Brenda Patea, who accused him of physical abuse during an argument in 2020 May, via Jonathan Crane of Deutsche Welle.

Last October, a court in Berlin issued a penalty order against Zverev and slapped him with a €450k fine. But Zverev and his lawyers rejected the verdict, with the 27-year-old German maintaining his innocence and revealing he would take his case to trial. 

And last Friday, Zverev's assault appeal hearing started in Berlin - but he wasn't present because he was and still is at the French Open. On Monday, the case resumed and Patea - the mother of his child - took the stand to give her testimony. 

And on Friday morning local time, the trial ended after Zverev and Patea's side reached a settlement. But Zverev settling the case didn't mean that he admitted he was guilty of what he was accused of. 

"BREAKING: Germany's top tennis player Alexander Zverev has settled his assault case with his ex-girlfriend. He was accused of strangling her at a Berlin apartment in May 2020. The two sides have now reached an out-of-court settlement. There's no admission of guilt by Zverev," Crane of Deutsche Welle reported.

Zverev was confident he wouldn't lose the trial

After arriving in Paris, Zverev issued a very confident statement regarding his trial. 

"At the end of the day, I do believe in the German system. I do believe in the truth as well. I have to be certain that, you know, I do know what I did, I do know what I didn't do. That's, at the end of the day, what's going to come out, and I have to trust in that," Zverev said before the start of the French Open.

Alexander Zverev
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Also, Zverev said he wouldn't lose the trial.

"I do believe that I'm not going to lose this procedure. There's absolutely no chance I am. That's why I can play calmly," Zverev said.

Meanwhile, Zverev plays against Casper Ruud in today's French Open semifinal.

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