Lawyer shares why Brenda Patea wanted settlement in assault case vs Alexander Zverev

On Friday, it was announced that Zverev and Patea's lawyers reached a settlement in the case.

by Dzevad Mesic
Lawyer shares why Brenda Patea wanted settlement in assault case vs Alexander Zverev
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Brenda Patea's lawyers have said that their client applied for a settlement with Alexander Zverev because her daughter was "struggling" and she wanted a quick resolution to the case. 

After Patea - who dated Zverev between 2019 and 2020 and gave birth to their daughter Mayla in 2021 - accused the German tennis star of strangling her during an argument in 2020 May, a court in Berlin issued a penalty order against the 2020 US Open runner-up and also ordered him to pay a €450k fine. But Zverev didn't accept the verdict and took his case to trial.

After the trial started last Friday, Patea took a stand on Monday and gave a testimony. This Friday, the trial resumed but only with the two sides announcing that they reached an out-of-court settlement. Under the settlement, Zverev will pay court costs of €200k - €150k goes to the state and the remainder of that sum will go to a charity. 

Also, their settlement includes "no admission of guilt by Zverev."

"We applied for the settlement. The daughter was really suffering. So now they can both look to the future and get on with their lives. We ended this deal with [the feeling] that people should stop throwing things at each other," Kristin Hartmann, one of Patea's lawyers, told Deutsche Welle.

Several times over the last couple of months, Zverev strongly insisted he was innocent and suggested that everyone knew why someone would make such an accusation against him. And after a settlement was reached, one of Patea's lawyers repeated that this case was not about Patea earning some money. 

"She is not money-hungry. That is simply not true. This will no longer be discussed. We have sorted everything out that needed to be sorted out, and everyone is happy," Michael Nitschke, also a part of Patea's legal team, said.

Brenda Patea
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What Zverev's lawyers said?

When the trial started, Zverev was in Paris for the French Open. But since he was allowed to be represented by his lawyers, he opted not to appear in court at the start of the trial. 

And after a positive outcome for him was reached, one of Zverev's lawyers suggested this was a good solution for both Zverev and Patea since now they could put this past them and not have their child grow up in a toxic environment.

"We are happy that an agreement has been reached. This is for the good of the child that they have together, so it has the chance to grow up without conflict," Katharina Dierlamm, one of Zverev's lawyers, said.

Also, Zverev's law firm said in a statement that after this outcome, Zverev was "considered innocent."

"Alexander Zverev has agreed to this discontinuation via his defense lawyer, solely in order to shorten the proceedings, above all in the interests of their child. Alexander Zverev is considered innocent," a statement from Zverev's law firm read.

Alexander Zverev
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What judge Luders said after the settlement between the two sides?

Meanwhile, judge Luders praised both sides for working out an agreement.

"I think it's important to continue living without any further blame. That is what has been agreed here. It's a good ending, it's a success," judge Luders told the court.

Meanwhile, Zverev sounded confident from Day 1 that this would happen. When the French Open started, Zverev said he had all the belief in the German legal system and that everything would end up well for him. 

"At the end of the day, I do believe in the German system. I do believe in the truth as well. I have to be certain that, you know, I do know what I did, I do know what I didn't do. That's, at the end of the day, what's going to come out, and I have to trust in that," Zverev said before the start of the French Open.

"I do believe that I'm not going to lose this procedure. There's absolutely no chance I am. That's why I can play calmly."

Alexander Zverev
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After making a confident statement at the start of the French Open, Zverev made another very confident comment just two days ago when he defeated Alex de Minaur to reach the semifinal at Roland Garros. Asked if he ever feared he would not be allowed to play at the French Open due to his legal case, Zverev said he never had such fears. 

"No, they made it very clear to me from the beginning that I wouldn't have to be there. I think everything is going in the right direction. Everything is going great on my part, from my point of view. There's not much more to say," Zverev said.

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