Watch: Alexander Zverev's blunt message to media after outcome in assault case

Zverev reacts to reaching a settlement that includes 'no admission of Zverev.'

by Dzevad Mesic
Watch: Alexander Zverev's blunt message to media after outcome in assault case
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Alexander Zverev says the outcome of the assault case against his former girlfriend Brenda Patea is proof of his "innocence" and made it very clear to the media that he never again wants to receive a question related to that matter. 

After Patea - the mother of Zverev's child - made allegations that she was strangled by the German tennis star during their stay at a Berlin apartment in 2020 May, a court in Berlin decided last October to issue a penalty order against Zverev and slap him with a €450k fine. But after Zverev and his lawyers didn't accept that verdict, the case went to trial - which started last Friday.

Exactly a week after the trial started, it was announced that Zverev and Patea's lawyers reached "an out-of-court settlement" - so there was no need for the trial to continue. According to court documents, Zverev will pay court fees of €200k as €150k will go to the state while the remainder will be given to a charity organization. 

Also, it was revealed that Patea didn't receive any money and it was also noted that this settlement included "no admission of guilt by Zverev." 

Alexander Zverev
Alexander Zverev © Getty Images Sport - Tim Goode

And one of the key things, settlements in cases like Zverev's can only be made after the public prosecutor gives the green light for that. 

Later that day, Zverev hit the court at Roland Garros and defeated Casper Ruud 2-6 6-2 6-4 6-2 to reach his first French Open final, in which he will be taking on Carlos Alcaraz.

“I told you so from the start. I told everybody. I’m happy that it’s over. Yeah, nothing else more to say. That’s it. Four years. I’m happy about that," Zverev said.

Zverev: I never again want to hear...

Since the assault trial with Patea ended in a settlement, some still claimed that it didn't resolve much and that Zverev's name wasn't cleared. 

“Any reservations on your part that you came to a settlement and that you didn’t have a chance for the court in Berlin to say that you were innocent of all the charges?” a follow-up question that Zverev received read.

Zverev issued a blunt response: “That’s what dropping the case is. That is innocence. They’re not going to drop the case if you are guilty. Don’t know what translations you have, but that’s what it means. Done. We move on. I never want to hear another question about this subject again.”

Zverev's admission about returning to a Grand Slam final

By beating Ruud and winning his opening six matches at Roland Garros this year, 27-year-old Zverev has made his second Grand Slam final and it took him nearly four full years to make a Slam final again. 

In 2020, Zverev reached his maiden Slam final at the US Open final. And that year, Zverev was inches away from becoming a Grand Slam champion before blowing a couple of strong chances to close out the match. Heading into his second Grand Slam final, the 27-year-old German says back then he "was not ready to win a Slam" but now he is more mature. 

"Well, I was two sets to love up and a break up, and I was two points away from winning the match. But, I've said it before and I'm going to say it now again - I was not ready," Zverev admitted.

"I was not ready to win my first Grand Slam title, I was not mature enough, I was maybe too much of a kid still. I didn't know what the occasion meant and that's why I lost. I'm 27 years old now, so definitely not a kid anymore, already getting older and you know, if not now then when?"

Alexander Zverev
Alexander Zverev © Getty Images Sport - Dan Istitene

While Zverev is one win away from achieving his biggest tennis dream, the job is still far from being done as Alcaraz is one of the toughest possible opponents. 

However, Zverev has a positive 5-4 head-to-head record versus Alcaraz and he claimed a four-set win in their lone French Open meeting that came in the 2022 quarterfinal at Roland Garros. But in their last meeting that came in this year's Indian Wells Masters quarterfinal, Alcaraz ousted Zverev 6-3 6-1.

"Yeah, I mean look, I've been on the tour for, this is my 11th year now. So, it's been a long time but I'm still enjoying the game, I still love every single second on these kinds of beautiful courts and I'm still trying to improve and I'm in my first Roland Garros final and hopefully I can win my first Grand Slam," Zverev said.

Alexander Zverev