Nick Kyrgios opens up on 'trauma and anxiety' experienced after gunpoint carjacking

Kyrgios' green Tesla was stolen in front of his Canberra home in 2023 May.

by Dzevad Mesic
Nick Kyrgios opens up on 'trauma and anxiety' experienced after gunpoint carjacking
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Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios is urging the court to "recognize" his family's "anxiety and trauma" and give the thief of his Tesla a sentence that will bring at least a little peace to the Kyrgios family. 

In 2023 May, a thief showed up on Kyrgios' doorstep in Canberra - and at gunpoint - demanded keys to Kyrgios' green Tesla from his mother Norlaila. After being given the keys, the thief left in Kyrgios' car. When Kyrgios learned about what had happened, he used his Tesla app to slow down the car and also track its location. 

Half an hour later, the Canberra police were able to locate and arrest the thief. 

Nick Kyrgios and his Tesla
Nick Kyrgios and his Tesla© Nick Kyrgios - Instagram

The thief - who hasn't been named due to legal reasons - is someone well-known to the Canberra police, having been involved in a 2005 incident when he hit a 14-year-old student, causing death. 

This Monday, the thief had a sentence hearing in the carjacking case.

Kyrgios on the trauma left on his family 

In a statement, Kyrgios said that he has been having issues with his sleep since the incident and he constantly fears for the safety of his family. 

"We assume the worst every time we hear a sound. Nothing prepares you for being woken up to your mother's screams," Kyrgios said.

After the incident, Kyrgios' mother left Australia for a certain period of time and went to Malaysia. She has also been working with mental health professionals and the security at her home has been upgraded. 

But unfortunately, the trauma of the incident is still there. 

"[I hope] the court recognizes the anxiety and trauma my family has been through, feeling we can't be safe in our family home, the place I grew up and where all those great memories now have to exist next to the memory of a gun pointed at my mother's face," Kyrgios said.

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