Roger Federer's film shows glimpses of old quarrel between Nadal and Sonego

In the documentary Roger Federer: Twelve Last Days, Matteo Berrettini tried to defend his countryman in a dispute he had with the Spaniard at Wimbledon 2022

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Roger Federer's film shows glimpses of old quarrel between Nadal and Sonego
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Roger Federer: Twelve Final Days has captured the attention of millions of fans, who have been counting down until June 20th to see the documentary produced and distributed by Prime Video, which chronicles the last twelve days of The Swiss Maestro's legendary career. In the hour and a half documentary there are many moving moments, which accompanied Federer to the 2022 edition of the Laver Cup, where he played his last doubles match with his friend and rival of a thousand battles, Rafael Nadal.

And there is a detail from the documentary regarding Nadal that many fans have noticed. This is a brief discussion in the locker room, between the Spanish champion and Matteo Berrettini. The two, together with the other players present, began to talk about the screams of tennis players that can be heard on the court when hitting the ball. Nadal brought up the episode that happened at Wimbledon 2022 with Lorenzo Sonego, which led to a brief argument on the court.

Rafael Nadal and Lorenzo Sonego
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But let's go in order and remember what happened in that match at the Wimbledon Championships 2022. Nadal and Sonego had made rather harsh statements at the end of that match, which was remembered above all for the controversy raised by Rafa over the Turin player's excessive shouting.

"There's no way one tennis player calls another at the net, it's done in the third category, not at Wimbledon. You call the referee, you don't call your opponent at the net. At that moment it influenced me. At the end of the match he apologised, it was very polite. However, I told him that at that moment he had influenced me," said Sonego at the time at the press conference. Nadal also apologized in front of the media, as well as revealing that he had then spoken to the Italian in the locker room.

"I'm very sorry if I bothered him. I just wanted to explain that to him. I did it in a nice way, but now I feel really bad for bothering him. I was wrong. I probably shouldn't have called him to the net. I apologize for that, my mistake, I have no problem recognizing it," said the Spaniard.

Lorenzo Sonego and Rafael Nadal
Lorenzo Sonego and Rafael Nadal© Ryan Pierse / Staff Getty Images Sport

Let's now return to Roger Federer: Twelve Final Days and the discussion between Nadal and Berrettini.

Matteo intervened to defend his countryman, explaining to Nadal: "Look, he always does this when he gets excited. He didn't do it to annoy you," he told. However, Nadal responded very doubtfully: "Trust me, he did it on purpose."

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