Emma Raducanu snubs wildcard for Paris Olympics, but it's a wise choice

The Briton revealed the reasons that led to this decision, which in my opinion was correct, as I had already written in a previous article

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Emma Raducanu snubs wildcard for Paris Olympics, but it's a wise choice
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"If I hadn't had that wildcard first at Wimbledon who knows what would have happened later in the United States. I think life is a collection of 'butterfly effect' events and there are lots of little moments where you don't know what will happen."

As a Slam winner, Emma Raducanu could take part in the next Paris Olympics thanks to a wildcard which, however, the Briton decided to refuse, to think about the next tournaments on the WTA Tour. And receiving some harsh criticism for her choice (senseless, considering she made a very wise choice, in my opinion. Here you can read what I think about).

"For me it was quite clear from the beginning, I am very determined and I want to do things at my own pace and in my own way, not like a diva, but giving priority to my body and my health. If I am in shape and if I give I have 100% knowledge that great things can come, but at the moment I feel like I can't afford to put any more stress on my body and take any more risks, especially given my recent history with injuries," she explained to The Express.

Emma Raducanu
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Her words were quite clear with Raducanu who clarified - also given the recent stuped controversies generated by her haters - the reasons for the withdrawal from the Paris Olympics. The British team will see Katie Boulter as the first tennis player in the women's singles, the one who beat Emma Raducanu in Nottingham.

Raducanu is slowly trying to get back into the Tour and the latest sensations deriving from the last matches she has played give rise to hope. The British tennis player, struggling with constant injuries, reached the final in the WTA tournament in Nottingham, and only an excellent Katie Boulter slowed her rise. Emma has appeared to be recovering and the fans, especially the English ones, hope to one day see the tennis player who made an entire country dream by winning the 2021 US Open. Coming back.

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