Holger Rune argues with Boris Becker on X!

The Danish tennis player and the German legend had a little argument on social media

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Holger Rune argues with Boris Becker on X!
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Holger Rune and Boris Becker had a bit of an argument on social media. The German tennis legend probably noticed a certain distance between Patrick Mouratoglou and the Danish tennis player, on the eve of Wimbledon.

On his X account, Becker decided to ask his followers and insiders a question: "Quick question, I saw Mouratoglou in London but not with Rune at Wimbledon... are they still working together?"

Rune, considering the messages he still exchanges privately with Becker, was surprised by the fact that the former German player did not ask him personally what was going on but used X.

"It's very strange that you don't ask me this question directly when we're texting about other topics. The answer to your question is yes, we work together and run tournaments as planned," replied Rune directly to the tweet in question.

Rune will make his Championships debut next Tuesday and will face Soonwoo Kwon in the first round. Becker and Rune had a short but intense partnership that didn't end well, with both looking for something different for their careers and, perhaps, a little rusty despite a cordial relationship that continues over time.

Rune and Becker
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