BREAKING: Man who stole Nick Kyrgios' car at gunpoint gets multi-year prison sentence

Kyrgios and his family can family get a moment of peace.

by Dzevad Mesic
BREAKING: Man who stole Nick Kyrgios' car at gunpoint gets multi-year prison sentence
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Nick Kyrgios and his family have been served justice after the person who stole the Australian tennis star's car at gunpoint has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison. 

Last May, Kyrgios' mother Norlaila had one of the most traumatic experiences of her life when a man showed up at her front door and at gunpoint, demanded keys to her son's Tesla. After his request was met, the person left the place without physically harming anyone but the Canberra police needed just around half an hour to catch him. 

And on Tuesday, the man - who was also guilty in a hit and killed a Canberra student in 2005 - was handed a multi-year sentence. 

Kyrgios' family gets a moment of peace 

Over the last 14 months, Kyrgios and his family have often described the incident as extremely traumatic. 

"We assume the worst every time we hear a sound. Nothing prepares you for being woken up to your mother's screams," Kyrgios said in mid-June. 

"[I hope] the court recognizes the anxiety and trauma my family has been through, feeling we can't be safe in our family home, the place I grew up and where all those great memories now have to exist next to the memory of a gun pointed at my mother's face."

Nick Kyrgios
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During the sentencing, the person guilty of the crime apologized to the Kyrgios family. 

And Kyrgios' sister Halimah, who was in court on Tuesday, was glad with the outcome of the trial.

"We've always learnt to forgive, but I think personally just for the safety of the community this was dealt with the right way,'' Ms Kyrgios' sister Halimah said after the sentencing.

Meanwhile, Kyrgios is currently at Wimbledon, where he is not playing but he is working as a commentator for the BBC. Over the weekend, Kyrgios confirmed that his comeback would start next month by playing an ATP doubles tournament.

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