Tennis: Top 10 Fastest Serves

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Tennis: Top 10 Fastest Serves

Tennis World takes a look at the 'Fastest Tennis Serves' recorded by the men's tennis governing council Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). The fact that the ATP still does not take into the consideration the service speed of Challenger events because of the variance in radar guns.

Here's the list of Tennis' Top 10 Biggest Serves 10. JOHN ISNER (149.9 mph) American John Isner towers 6'10", and takes complete advantage of his height while serving. Isner, the former World No.9 hit a 149.9 mph or 241.2 km/h serve at the 2011 Western & Southern Open.

In 2013, Isner became the 18th player in the history of game to fire 5000 career-aces. 9. FELICIANO LOPEZ (150.4 mph) In 2008, Spain’s Feliciano Lopez bashed a 150.4 mph or 242.0 km/h serve in Toronto, recording the ninth officially fastest serve of the sport.

Lopez stands 6'2" tall and holds a career-high ranking of number 15 in the world. 8. RYAN HARRISON (152 mph) 21-year-old American Ryan Harrison fired a 152 mph or 245 km/h serve at the Western & Southern Open, earlier this year.

Harrsion measures 6' tall, and is yet to win an ATP singles title. 7. JOACHIM JOHANSSON (152 mph) Joachim Johansson is known for his big serves. Besides holding the record for the 7th biggest serve, the 6'6" tall Swede also holds the record of hitting 50 aces against Andre Agassi in 2005.

6. ROSCOE TANNER (153 mph) Roscoe Turner of the United States of America shattered a powerful serve of 153 mph or 246 km/h at the Palm Springs final, way back in 1978. 5. ANDY RODDICK (155 mph) Andy Roddick was famous for his powerful built, which eventually helped him to serve hard.

Roddick punched a 155 mph or 249 km/h serve during the 2004 Davis Cup, thereby holding the record of fifth fastest serve in the history of tennis. 4. MILOS RAONIC (155.3 mph) Canadian powerhouse Milos Raonic, who stands 6'5" tall, created the record for fourth biggest serve, when he released a 155.3 mph or 249.9 km/h serve at 2012 Rogers Cup.

3. IVO KARLOVIC (156 mph) Ivo Karlovic is the tallest player in the history of tennis at 6'11". The Croatian delivered a 156 mph or 251 km/h serve at the 2011 Davis Cup. Despite being ranked third in the list, Karlovic holds the record for fastest serve as Challenger tournaments are not considered.

2. ALBANO OLIVETTI (160 mph) 21-year-old Frenchman Albano Olivetti used his 6'8" physique, as he dished up a 160 mph or 257.5 km/h at the 2012 Bergamo Challenger. 1. Samuel Groth (163.4 mph) Australian Samuel Groth has hit the fastest unofficial serve, when he unconfined a 163.4 mph or 263 km/h serve at the 2012 Busan Open Challenger Tennis.

Again, unfortunately, Groth's serve will not be counted for the serve being witnesses in a Challenger tournament.

(These statistics have been derived from Wikipedia)