Eugenie Bouchard: ´I want to tie Roger Federer´s record´

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Eugenie Bouchard: ´I want to tie Roger Federer´s record´

Eugenie Bouchard just reached the semifinals of the French Open, her second consecutive Grand Slam semifinal, but she doesn't really seem surprised when she enters the press conference with the little Canada-bear that was thrown at her on court: "finally, I was wondering where my fans had gone, now I know they are there" said Genie laughing. Eugenie then went on to analyze the match: "Whether I win or lose I want to make sure I give everything I have out there.

I was expecting a battle, but I am proud of the way I stayed in the match. No I did not surprise myself, tennis can be up and down and I came back in a match before. The crowd was very good, a very nice support. It was a great place to be for both of us, great atmosphere.

I am very proud of myself. The 2 match points I gave away (one with a double fault) didn't really make worried. I stayed focus". Now the big match against Maria Sharapova, whom she is compared very often: "I am glad to be compared to Maria because she is a great champion, but at the same time I really want to be just me.

I have a picture I took with her when she was playing in Miami and I was still 8 years old. Then I remember seeing her playing in Wimbledon and think 'it's pretty cool what she is doing, I want to do the same'. Of course I respect her a lot, but I don't want to put her too much on a pedestal, because we are in a Grand Slam semifinal, and I want to go there out there to win.

She is mentally very strong, but I have a good serve and I am going to step on court ready to attack". Surprised to be in a Grand Slam semifinal again? "Not really. You know, I want to tie Roger Federer's record for consecutive Slam semis, I am at 2, still a long way to go (laughing)".