Federbet reports alleges at least three cases of match fixing in tennis

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Federbet reports alleges at least three cases of match fixing in tennis

At report published in front of the European Parliament today by anti-match fixing organisation Federbet has identified three tennis matches of which they claim were fixed. Federbet describes themselves as a “European Federation of operators in the gambling sector aiming to fight against the risks linked with underage gambling; fraud, and fixed matches“. While the report focused mainly on football, it did also mention tennis.

The most noticeable player that was mentioned was former world number 24 Olivier Rochus. The match in question was his three sets win over Vincent Millot at the ATP Guadeloupe Challenger earlier this year. Rochus replied to the allegations to French and Belgian media in the following translated statement.

"You just told me all this. Surprised I am the first . I remember very well that game. I won 7-5 in tears after 2:30 madness under the sun of Guadeloupe .It was super -hard. I had to fight for victory . I am the first surprised to hear this story.

I do not understand . If I have to go before a court to explain myself , I'm ultra-quiet . Now if my opponent was in a combined, it is for him to defend himself. I can assure you that during this match , I did not see anything illegal and I fought like crazy.

" The other matches mentioned was Valery Rudnev (269) 2-6 1-6 loss to Axel Michon in the first round of the ATP Kazan Challenger and Peter Torebko three sets win over Dimitar Kutrovsky at the ATP San Luis Potosi Challenger.

So far no legal action has taken place as far as Tennis World understands. The report can be read here. Match fixing in tennis has been highlighted before. Last year Guillermo Olaso recieved a five year ban and low ranked Sergei Krotiouk was banned for life.