French Open Women´s Final! How Sharapova won her second title!

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French Open Women´s Final! How Sharapova won her second title!

18:35: "Simona you had two unbelievable weeks, a Grand Slam final is a great achievement, you will have more" starts Sharapova, who then thanks the crowd in French: "this tournament is very important for me.

Thank you so much. To have a chance to stay on this stage twice for me is a honor and it's just unbelievable. I wish I could cut this trophy in different pieces to give a piece to all of you, you mean so much to me" says Maria to her team.

Sharapova also thanks her parents in Russian, "my beautiful parents, I love you". 18:33: "It is my firs Grand Slam speech, I hope there are going to be many more, but this will always be special. A lot of emotions" Simona Halep's speech, who then thanks the crowd, congratulates Maria and then thanking her team she says: "we did a great job guys! I hope we are going to have many moments like this.

I love you". Simona finishes thanking the crowd in French! 18:23: For some reason Pioline and Santoro are already interviewing Sharapova on court. "I am very happy, it means so much to me. Simona played an unbelievable match, there were a lot of Romanians supporters today, well done to you and I am sorry" says Sharapova.

"To win this tournament is a dream come true". 18:19: 46 winners and 52 unforced errors for the Russian in the match. 20 winners and 31 unforced errors for the Romanian. 18:15: A forehand in the air winner for the Russian.

Then a missed return from Halep. 2 MATCH POINTS! Maria Sharapova wins her second French Open title! 18:13: As the clock shows the match started 3 hours ago. Maria Sharapova serves for the title 18:11: BREAK! Sharapova plays an impressive game, pushing Halep to committ unforced errors.

Closes it out with a backhand winner. She will serve for the title! 18:07: Sharapova starts the game with a double fault, her 11th. Goes 15-30 and hits her 3rd ace in the match to make it 30-All. A good defensive sliced backhand from Simona to have a chance to break.

Sharapova hits her 12th double fault. BREAK! 4-4 in the third! 18:03: Halep holds to 30, as Sharapova hits two shots in the net! 4-3 for the Russian in the third set! 18:00: 4 winners for Sharapova in the game! The Russian holds serve and leads 4-2 in the third set.

Two games away from a second French Open title! 17:56: BREAK! Sharapova breaks Halep at her third chance! The Russian back at swinging full power, puts Halep under pressure. Maria leads 3-2 in the third set. 17:52: A very long game. Two chances to break for Halep, but Sharapova stays strong.

The Russian holds serve and makes it 2-2 in the third set! 17:42: A great game played by the Romanian, who closes it with a forehand winner. Halep holds. leads 2-1 in the third set. 17:37: Two double faults in the game from the Russian to go down 0-30.

The Halep forces with her backhand to get two chances to break Maria's serve. A good defensive point played by Simona, who BREAKS! 1-1 in the third set! 17:34: BREAK! Maria Sharapova starts the third set breaking Halep's serve.

A couple of long shots for the Romanian. Maria screams out loud her C'Mon. 17:23: SET! Simona Halep wins the second set! 7-6(5) after 2 hours and 10 minutes. Backhand wide for the Russian on the set point 17:22: Set point Halep who leads 6-5 in the tie break.

Unforced error SHARAPOVA 17:17: 4-2 Sharapova! The Russian puts Halep under pressure to lead in the tie break. Maria is 3 points away from the title 17:15: 2-1 Sharapova in the tie break, as Halep misses two backhands in the net 17:11: Another bad service game played by the Romanian.

BREAK! Sharapova breaks to love as Halep breaks the strings on the break point. TIE BREAK to decide the set! 17:07: Halep goes up 40-0 on Sharapova's serve, but the Russian hits 2 good first serves to cancel the break points.

Then a backhand unforced error long for the Russian. Halep to serve for the set again! BREAK! 17:03: Incredible Net winner for Sharapova, who breaks Halep to come back to 5-5 in the second set! 16:58: BREAK! An incredibly long point won by the Romanian, with both players running a lot.

Halep has a break point. The Romanian pushes Sharapova to committ a forced error. Simona will serve for the second set up 5-4! 16:51: Two break points Sharapova saved with two winners by Halep, one forehand and one backhand.

Maria's forehand finishes wide and Halep holds. 4-4 16:45: A good game played by both players. A good point won with a forehand by Halep, than a great defensive point won by Sharapova forcing with her backhand. 4-3 Maria in the second set! 16:41: Halep holds serve to come back to 3-3 in the set.

Simona hits a backhand down the line to win the game. 16:33: Two consecutive double faults from Sharapova, as the Russian looks tense again. Maria reacts well and goes up 40-30, before committing another double fault, the 8th in the match.

The Russian hits deep to hold serve and lead 3-2 in the set! 16:30: Good defensive point played by the Romanian, as the Philippe Chatrier keeps on cheering louder and louder for her. 2-2 in the second set! 16:25: BREAK! Halep breaks straight back! Winning the game as Sharapova hits an unforced error in the net! 2-1 for the Russian in the second set! 16:22: BREAK! Maria Sharapova starts the second set in great fashion.

Holds serve and breaks the Romanian in the second game to take a 2-0 lead! 16:11: 18 winners and 16 unforced errors for the Russian in the first set. 9 winners and 9 unforced errors for Halep 16:08: SET! Forehand winner from Halep to cancel a set point for the Russian.

Maria stays aggressive to allow herself with a second chance to close the set. A forehand wide from the Romanian and Sharapova wins the first set 6-4 in 57 minutes! 16:03: BREAK! A terrible game on serve for the Russian. Maria hits her 4th double fault and then a forehand wide.

Halep is back in the first set 4-5! 16:00: An easy hold for Halep, who hits two forehand winners in the game. Sharapova serves for the first set up 5-3! 15:56: Now that the Russian is more relaxed she just hits free and puts pressure on the Romanian with every shot.

5-2 for Maria in the set! 15:54: BREAK! Sharapova plays a great return game, hits a backhand winner down the line to take the break and lead 4-2 after 40 minutes! 15:45: Maria is doing the match, hitting a total of 13 winners and 10 unforced errors, compared to Simona's 6 winners and 4 unforced errors. After an intense and long game, Sharapova holds serve to lead for the first time in the match.

3-2 for the Russian in the first set! 15:33: All winners down-the-line for the Russian, who has a chance to get the break back. The Romanian plays a good point, closing with a forehand winning approach. BREAK! Maria breaks the Romanian at her 4th chance as Simona hits a backhand wide.

2-2 15:28: Sharapova puts her name on the scoreboard! The Russian holds her serve in the third game. 2-1 Halep in the first set 15:22: Sharapova is in her 3rd consecutive French Open final, but she seems the most nervous on court.

Maria hits winners and unforced errors, Halep just really has to force her shots and move the Russian around without looking for the clean winner. First winner for the Romanian, who hits a backhand down-the-line. Then a forehand following a good serve and Simona holds to lead 2-0! 15:15: Way to start! First point of the match for Sharapova is a forehand winner.

As Halep hits a backhand long there is also the first loud C'Mon coming from the Russian. Maria then committs a double fault and a backhand unforced error. BREAK! Halep breaks in the first game! 15:18: The players have terminated the warm up! The final is about to start! 14:59: Halep will try to become only the 6th player ever to win both the girls' singles title and the women's singles title.

Before her only Durr, Jausovec, Mandlikova, Capriati and Henin reached the feat! 14:58: Sharapova will try to become the first Russian, female or male, to win a Grand Slam tournament more than once! 14:48: Maria is bidding to get her 50th win in Paris to become only one of 19 players who managed to win 50 or more matches at the French Open.

Serena Williams follows with 47 wins. 14:46: In her way-to-the-final Maria Sharapova spent a total of 10 hours on court, beating opponents ranked on averaga at World No.57. Simona Halep spent a total of 6 hours and 26 minutes on court, beating opponents ranked on average at World No.51.

The Romanian hasn't lost a set yet in the tournament, Maria lost 3. 1 in each of the last 3 rounds she played in Paris. 14:45: The winner of the tournament goes home with a check for 1,650,000 Euros. The finalist will have to settle with a 825,000 Euros check! 14:40: Maria Sharapova bids to win for the first time in her career multiple titles at a Grand Slam event.

Will the 'even-year-magic' work again for the Russian? 14:30: A Grand Slam final is something that any tennis fan would love to see, but the tickets for the Philippe Chatrier for today have been long ago sold out.

So, how can a fan enjoy the final experience at Roland Garros? Here is the French Open Organizers' solution: 14:10 Today "Le Quotidien" has no other choice than to put the two stars of the final on the front page.

Here it is: The REBEL vs. The ICON according to the French. Do you agree? 14:10: Match of the day is obviously the Women's Singles Final. Who will win between Maria Sharapova and Simona Halep? Here is our prediction CLICK HERE! 14:05: It's hot and sunny today in Paris.

Once again, summer seems to have made its way in the French capital. 14:00: It's finals time at the French Open! We already know some winners' names today. Martina Navratilova and Kim Clijsters won the women's doubles Perrier Legends Trophy, beating in Dechy and Testud in the final by 5-7 7-5 10-7.

The Men's Doubles was won by the McEnroe Brothers. John and Patrick beat Pat Cash and Paul Haarhuis 6-4 6-2.