Six tennis stars make the Forbes Celebrity 100 list

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Six tennis stars make the Forbes Celebrity 100 list

American Business Magazine Forbes has released their annual Celebrity 100 list which features six tennis players. The list compiled by Forbes each year since 1999 takes in to account a variety factors such as earnings, media appearances and Internet hits.

Out of the 100 there are 16 athletes of which 6 are tennis stars. The list was topped by music superstar Beyoncé Knowles. So where did the tennis player"s place? 16 - Roger Federer
It should be no shock that Roger Federer placed first.

His earning"s are estimated to be $4.2 million plus an outstanding $52 Million in endorsements. This coincides with another Forbes article released in June of the highest paid athletes. On that occasion he placed 7th on the list which was the highest rank for a tennis player.

According to ATP his combined career singles and doubles prize money so far is a whopping $81,606,000! 24 – Rafael Nadal
The “king of clay” followed Federer with a estimated earnings of $45 million. The current world number 1 has made 5.86 Millions in prize money earning"s so far in 2014.

His net worth is estimated to be $70 Million according to 43 – Novak Djokovic
From growing up in conflict plagued Bosnia to tennis superstar. Novak Djokovic has made $33 million this year so far. The world number two has signed sponsorship deals with Peugot and Seiko.

His 2014 prize money so far is $4,196,617. 63 – Maria Sharapova
Maria Sharapova topped the Forbes 30 under 30 in sports list this year due to her tennis success as well as her business success with ventures such as Sugarpova.

Sugarpova is a premium candy line launched by her back in 2012. As of June 2014 her earnings is $24 million. 69 – Serena Williams
Williams may be experiencing a hard time at the moment at Wimbledon due to illness and a shock loss to Alize Cornet but at least she is 69 on the Forbes 100 list.

She has made $22 million so far however has noted that on the tour Williams has made just $1,898,704 of that in prize money. 85 – Li Na
Li Na round up the list of tennis players on the list. While she is placed at 85 on this list.

Forbes China placed her at 8th in their list back in May. Due to her huge popularity of China she has actually made more money than Serena Williams ($24 million) however the list takes in to account other factors.   The power of social media The list also takes in to account the power of social media.

Tennis World has compiled the following list of how many Facebook likes and Twitter followers each of the six player"s has as at 21:27 GMT on 2/7/14. Li Na social media presence seems low however this doesn"t take in to account Chinese social media sites.

Facebook Rafael Nadal 14,271,125 likes Roger Federer 14,215,028 likes Maria Sharapova 13,656,395 likes Novak Djokovic 4,869,203 likes Serena Wiliams 2,151,773 likes Li Na 232,983 likes   Twitter Rafael Nadal 6.38M Serena Williams 4.26M Novak Djokovic 3.14M Roger Federer 1.85M Maria Sharapova 1.1M Li Na has no account (officially)