Ana Ivanovic: Glad to be �Reunited´ with Brother


Ana Ivanovic: Glad to be �Reunited´ with Brother

Tennis - Being a professional tennis player isn’t always the best job in the world especially if your family doesn’t travel with you. Over the course of the season, a player travels several countries and barely has any leisure time for herself as most of the day is spent training while the evening is meant for rest.

The whole process becomes even more taxing if the player involved is someone like Ana Ivanovic who is wanted her sponsors when she is not playing. The former World No.1 hence finds the time she spends with her loved ones extremely precious.

Showcasing that love for friends and family, the Serb uploaded a picture of herself on her Instagram profile with her brother. The former French Open champion later tweeted the same picture – which for once isn’t a selfie.

Along with the picture, Ivanovic posted the following message accompanying it with several hashtags. "Reunited @ivanovicmilosh #sister #brother #love" The Serbian, who reached the finals in Cincinnati last week, is set to enter the US Open as one of the favourites as it truly has been a wonderful season for her so far.

In total, the Serb has notched up as many as 47 wins including three titles over the course of the season.

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