Marius Copil: ´I received death threats to lose a set and I don`t like Sharapova`s body´.

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Marius Copil: ´I received death threats to lose a set and I don`t like Sharapova`s body´.

In a very interesting interview with Romanian website, World No.164 Marius Copil discussed quite a few interesting topics such as the importance of receiving financial support from the Tennis Federation, match fixing, Simona Halep`s success and Maria Sharapova`s body.

(Translation adapted from Mens Tennis Forums) Q. How hard it is for a player to compete in the Challenger circuit? A. It's very difficult. Starting from next season though, I`ll make the next step, and start competing in the ATP qualifications.

I played 7-8 ATP tournaments in 2014 and I never lost in the 1st round of the qualifying. I have played better in ATP tournaments than in Challengers, even though they're tougher. In Challengers you usually play against someone you know nothing about and it`s complicated.

One day a guy plays unbelievably well and beats you, then the next day he can't hit a shot. Q. Who is your coach at the moment? A. I don't have a permanent coach but this winter I will train with Andrei Pavel. Q.

Is it true that you have worked with Peter Carlsson, Robin Soderling's coach? A. Yes, I worked with him for six months. I payed him 4250€ per month plus 7% of my prize money on top of it. Q. According to rumors your father has, so far, invested around € 600.000 in you. Is it correct? A.

I play tennis since I was 7. That being said I think that amount is exaggerated. You should ask my father about an accurate figure though. What I can tell you is that for the last two years I've been financing myself, Everything I win I invest in my career, which makes me happier than ask my parents for money.