Toni Nadal: ´Rafael can beat Roger Federer`s 17 Slams record´


Toni Nadal: ´Rafael can beat Roger Federer`s 17 Slams record´

In an interview with French magazine "L`Equipe", Toni Nadal talked about Rafael`s chances of breaking Roger Federer`s 17 Slams record. "Being happy is more important than breaking records" Toni said. "But, assuming Rafa stays injury free, I wouldn`t be surprised if he broke Federer`s record.

I think it`s not impossible to win more than 17, although it won`t be easy." In 2015, Rafa will also chase an incredible 10th title at the Roland Garros. Toni sounded quite confident on his nephew`s chances: "For me it would be an unbelievable achievement to win the French Open 10 times.

When Bjorn Borg won it for the 6th time I thought nobody could do better in Paris, but now Rafa has won 150% of what he won. Winning the French Open is a special thing, because tennis is not just a matter of hitting the ball hard.

There are other important elements such as mental strength and the ability of changing tactic in due course depending on the specific circumstances of every match. Tactics are crucial at the Roland Garros." When asked if he thinks Rafa will, once more, beat Novak Djokovic in Paris, Toni said: "I think so, but I can`t be sure." Follow Filippo on Twitter @FilippoScala1

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