Sergio Giorgi Shocks: ´There is Doping in Tennis´

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Sergio Giorgi Shocks: ´There is Doping in Tennis´

Sergio Giorgi, for those who have never heard the name before, is that cluster of hair whipping back and forth each and every time that Camila Giorgi, World No.31 from Italy, plays an official match on the WTA tour. Sergio, again for those who have never heard of him before, is in the new generation of overprotective parents trying to be both a dad and a tennis coach.

Mr. Giorgi it's an even more Italian version of Stefano Capriati. Sergio screams after every point, shouts, can't stand sitting all the time while watching Camila playing her hyper-aggressive tennis, hitting every single ball as hard as she can.

Sergio is also someone who doesn't fear the consequences related to what he says and someone who speaks whatever things twirl in his mind. It is no surprise then, to know that this man has recently spoken about a "hot" issue in tennis with simplicity and briskness, just saying what he thinks.

What follows is Sergio Giorgi's version of how doping currently lives and survives in tennis revealed to Italian Newspaper Il Secolo XIX. "Doping in tennis exists. Some athletes have doctors who are able to cover them up, but it's easy to understand that it is there just looking at some WTA players' muscles or seeing the athletic capacity of some other players on the ATP tour.

You see those things and you do understand that there is something going on. Controls are worthless. I also believe that athletes should be left the chance to dope if they want. I would obviously never allow Camila to do that, because doping can ruin your life and there is a lot more in life beside tennis.

The sport is just a metaphor for life. In life there are those who cheat, it's like a jungle and you have to be ready to defend yourself". There you go, nude and crude. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you with Sergio Giorgi.

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