Jim Courier believes this year even the weather will play a part in the French Open

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Jim Courier believes this year even the weather will play a part in the French Open

Roland Garros has begun and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Novak Djokovic is the favorite to end his search and win the elusive French Open to complete his grand slam.

While the Serbian has looked the strong favorite on paper, some are of the opinion that it is still too soon to count out Rafael Nadal who has lost only one match at the French Open in 10 years. A lot of debates have taken place about who the favorite is and how things will play out in the next two weeks.

There has been speculation of Kei Nishikori with his current form and Andy Murray being undefeated on clay this year – being regarded as the two likely favorites behind Djokovic. However, according to former two time French Open winner, Jim Courier, with this year’s draw putting Nadal in the same half as Djokovic because of the Spaniards low seeding – the men’s draw has taken a new turn and this year in Roland Garros variables such as the weather could possibly make a difference.
"If (the weather) gets hot it will favour Nadal because the ball bounces a lot more and zips through the court a lot faster; if it's cold and heavy it's better for someone like Djokovic who is almost impenetrable defence wise," A lot of debate has also been done one the fact that whether the Serbian is able to complete his career grand slam and stay on course for the calendar grand slam.

According to the American, it is certainly within the reach of the World No 1. "He has a real shot if he does win Roland Garros of the natural grand slam, there is a lot on the line here, it's going to be awesome to watch,"