US Open Final Weather Update: Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic Delayed

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US Open Final Weather Update: Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic Delayed

7:00: All set, the final ceremony starts and the match will start soon. Enjoy the final and come back for our match report!

WEATHER UPDATE (6:45pm): We are drying the courts and and will begin match play as soon as possible.

Posted by US Open Tennis Championships on Domenica 13 settembre 2015

6:50: Machines are still on court drying. It is confirmed that the pre-final ceremony will still take place, lasting for 30 minutes. Because of that the official start of the final should be at 7:30 PM more or less 6:42: Shy sunbeams are making their way on to Flushing Meadows: 6:39: Fans are filling in slowly the seats.

The machines are drying the court fast. The final should start at 7:00 PM 6:37: Finally the machines are out drying the court. A 7:00 PM start is possible 6:33: Robert Redford too, awaits the match to start on the stands...

6:29: It is raining again...drizzling, but enough to stop the machines from coming on court to dry it 6:25: The drying machines are not yet on court, a start before 7:00 PM doesn't seem possible.

The final has officially become a night-session match! 6:20: To help you kill the boredom of waiting we have the following reading suggestions: - The Top 10 men's finals ever played at the US Open - Why Roger Federer should use the SABR return today against Djokovic - Our Preview of the final 6:17: The court now is drier, the supervisor is on court.

Waiting for the drying machines to come out.

6:13: The procedures to dry the court have started! First the staff is removing the wather from court using rolls.

6:07: Rain keeps on falling on Arthur Ashe Stadium. Procedures to dry the court can't currently start. 6:05: Here is how the court looks like at the moment:

6:04: An announcement has just been made that the rain isn't helping, but the weather forecast looks good for the rest of the evening.

Players should play, but not before 6:30 at least.

6:00: At the moment Arthur Ashe stadium is soaked, the people in the stands hold umbrellas and the rain still falls copiously.

An early start is to be excluded. 5:58: The weather forecast for New York today didn't predict rain. It has been raining for more than a hour already. The rain started to fall right at 4:00 PM when the final was scheduled to start.

5:57: According to the last media release, the players will not step on court before 6:15, but it seems very unlikely that it is going to happen. 5:55: It is still raining in New York. The Arthur Ashe Stadium is deserted, but the music is playing An hour ago, the court was dried, but rain fell again: