How a Tennis Player Got Disqualified From a Match (VIDEO INSIDE)!

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How a Tennis Player Got Disqualified From a Match (VIDEO INSIDE)!

It doesn't happen many times that a tennis player is forced to leave the court without hitting the last ball on match point. It happened in the most dramatically documented fashion to Serena Williams against Kim Clijsters at the US Open in 2009, or going back in time to John McEnroe and Jeff Tarango.

When that happens is usually because players lose their cool for one fundamental key second, or because they get too involved in the match and focused to forget the moment they had lost their cool before. Warnings serve to warn, but can be forgotten in the heat of a tennis match.

That is exactly what happened to Adrian Menendez Maceiras playing against Marius Copil in the ATP Challenger tournament held in Istanbul. At 30-30 in the third set, with Adrian serving to stay in the match, the Spaniard hit a double fault, allowing his opponent with a match point chance.

Unhappy with his terrible shot, Adrian decided to smack the ball and throw it off court as hard as he could. That was it. Game, set, match Copil. The Spaniard had forgotten he already had been given a first warning earlier in the match.

As rules want, throwing off court the ball in play means receiving a warning. Two warnings mean point penalty. A point penalty on match point means the match is over. In the next page you can check the VIDEO of the event ------->