September 2000: Roger Federer Met his Future Wife Mirka


September 2000: Roger Federer Met his Future Wife Mirka

It was in September 2000, almost 15 years ago that Roger Federer met his future wife Mirka at the Olympic Games in Sydney. Here are some of the details about that edition of the Olympic Games: Yevgeny Kafelnikov beated Tommy Haas in Sydney, but Roger Federer, 19, came out a different protagonist.

The Swiss lost to Haas in the semi-finals and failed to win the bronze medal. After that match a desperate Roger sat like a kid. But the Sydney Olympics, 15 years ago, signed the beginning of the great love story between him and Miroslava-Mirka-Vavrinec.

In truth, they knew each other by sight in Biel, in 1997, at the Swiss Tennis technical centre. In Sydney, instead, Roger only spoke to Miroslava since the tecnology wasn't at today's level. He was close to Mirka for all the tournament (she lost to Elena Dementieva in the 2nd round).

"I didn't know why he wanted to speak so much" - Vavrinec said - "then, at the end of the tournament, he kissed me." It wasn't an adventure. Till that moment, Roger was engaged only one time. According to some sources, he had many difficulties to leave her first fiancee.

Only Roger and Mirka know the date of their first kiss, but we can certainly say that it was between September 25th and 27th 2000. Almost nine years of their love (then) was sublimated with their wedding in April 2009, followed by the birth of their twin daughters Myla and Charlene in the same year in August and later after the birth of their second set of twins, Leo and Lenny, on 6th May 2014.

The first person to know about their love story was Mitzi Ingram Evans, an ITF member who was in Sydney that magical September. As with every love story, destiny was always there for them. Mirka and her parents, Czech natives, moved to Switzerland when she was two.

She loved Martina Navratilova and got a chance to meet her. Martina, observing Mirka’s physicality, encouraged her to play tennis. She wasn't excited, as she wanted to learn to dance instead. But Martina insisted, giving her a racket and organizing her first lesson.

She became a good player and this insistence allowed her to become a great wife. In the first few years of their love story, they entered into an agreement with the Swiss press not to be photographed together (the press didn't respect the agreement because they wanted to let the public know that Roger and Mirka lived together in an apartment in Oberwil, a suburb in Basel).

Their love story has been truly fantastic. They have also been very good to keep their personal problems for themselves only. "Mirka doesn't want to stay away from me and I don't want to stay away from her too. We don't see each other maximum for one-to-two weeks per year” Federer once said, adding "It's incredible how she does so many sacrifices to stay next to me.

Without her, everything is more complicated.” In less than a year, Federer will try to win the gold medal in the singles and try to be at the top in Rio de Janeiro. He will also try to close a circle that was opened many years ago, between tears and a consolatory kiss.
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