Jack Sock: ´My brother was almost dead. He is a source of inspiration for me´

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Jack Sock: ´My brother was almost dead. He is a source of inspiration for me´

Interviewed by Tennis.com, Jack Sock spoke about his brother"s illness. Eric Sock was almost dead, but he is recovering well now. "It started out as a sore throat" - Jack said - "Then it turned into bilateral pneumonia in both his lungs.

The infection he had had spread — it attacked his liver, lungs, kidney and heart all in one day. When he went to the hospital, he was having a very hard time breathing and had an immense amount of pain throughout his ribs and sides.

The doctors said he was a day away from not making it through the illness. He was in the hospital for three weeks in a bed; the last week and a half he was on a ventilator to help him breathe, because he wasn’t able to do so on his own.

The doctors were then able to perform a surgery where they pried apart each rib and pulled out all the infection". "He’s the loving brother, the supporting brother—who comes first. If I’m not serving well or not feeling a certain shot, he will chime in and help out.

I take it to heart, because he’s been around the game and around me a long time. Watching him have the courage and strength to get through how he did has really helped me a lot on the court." Eric Sock played some ATP matches, but never won an encounter to get enough points in the ATP rankings.

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