Anonymous player: ´I saw players taking drugs and going through the test the following day´

Tennis - Shocking interview in Punto de Break by a player who got suspended and fined by ITF because he didn´t pass anti-drug test

by Luigi Gatto
Anonymous player: ´I saw players taking drugs and going through the test the following day´

Spanish Website Punto de Break recently published an interesting interview of a player who got suspended, sentenced and fined by ITF because he didn't pass an anti-drug test. Since he's in a delicate position because he released some controversial quotes, the player chose not to reveal his name.

The player, referred as JPC, plays ITF tournaments and is a coach as well. He affirmed, without hesitation, that there's no lack of doping in tennis: 'It's clear that in tennis there is doping. I know a guy who plays Futures and I'm sure that he takes a banned substance.

Also, everyone speaks about it'. JPC also revealed that players speak openly to each other about this argument, because they have known each other for a long time. The anonymous player also spoke about what happened to him during an ITF tournament a couple of months ago where all the players who played in the qualifying draw (64 athletes) and in the main draw (32) submitted to the drug tests.

JPC says that he saw with his own eyes, the evening before the test, some players taking banned substances: 'I was with them the evening before. The following day ITF surprised all the players with a drug test, the 64 players of the qualifying draw.

Everyone submitted the test, everyone. Every player had an official who followed him everywhere, from the court to submitting the test. It was this way for everyone. Then the same thing was done for the main draw'. But JPC said that surprisingly everyone passed drug test.

JPC thinks that anti-doping program doesn't work in an efficient way: 'If you have 64 players' results, you have to analyze everything. To me it seems very smart to put anti-doping program in tennis, but it doesn't need to be selective.

How is it possible that from the blood test of some players who took banned substances, there was nothing? From what I saw with my eyes, at least six players would have been found failing the test. 'I don't think that they analyze all the tests.

They pretend. Otherwise there would have found more players who dope. They did well to test everyone. Wow, a player even saved himself from avoiding the test! We all went through it, so they analyzed all blood samples. I've the impression that they don't do it, that it's all appearance, and that they take 100 samples and communicate publicly only on some sample results.' According to JPC, certain players are also protected: 'Players who bring many people to the tournaments, the top players, are never in the list of suspended players.

ITF has found players who can't produce money. It's not the same thing to suspend a tennis player who, in the first round in a tournament makes your stadium full and a player who isn't recognized by anyone'. The anonymous player is convinced that there is much more doping than what people say: 'I've no doubt about it.

In all the Futures tournaments it's quite common to see many players taking drugs to enjoy. Joints are very common for athletes, because they are not stimulants, someone says'. Also Read: What were the most interesting Masters 1000 seasons since 1990?