Robin Soderling officially retires from tennis

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Robin Soderling officially retires from tennis

Robin Soderling, twice a Roland Garros finalist, announced today in a letter he will not make further efforts to get back to professional tennis, after being sidelined since summer of 2011. published his statement, that puts an end to all the rumors about his possible comeback.

Robin reminded how he got ill after winning the home event in Bastad back in 2011 (last tournament he played) and wrongly decided to continue working and training. Because virus in his body he suffered from a serious overtraining syndrome, from which he never recovered completely.

With the disease of this kind it has been impossible for Robin to train at maximum level, needed to rest after any bigger physical effort. Sometimes it was hard until the point he was literally bedridden! Nevertheless, in the last 12 months his condition improved so everybody srarted to talk about possible return to the tennis court after long break.

Still, Robin's recovery after training was still not on a level he would like, and it would be impossible to endure strain of constant training, traveling and matches. In the last 4 and a half years Soderling believed he can be back among world's leading players, but he realized that he can't achieve necessary level and stay healthy enough to accomplish that goal.

That's why he decided to quit today. Robin Soderling played in 20 ATP finals, with 10 titles along his name. He was equally good in Indoor tournaments (won his first 3 titles on carpet) as well as on clay, reaching back-to-back Roland Garros finals in 2009 and 2010.

Swede stunned tennis world in 2009 Roland Garros, when he beat Rafael Nadal in 4th round, task that remained unreachable for any other player between 2005-2014. He reached Top 4 place after winning Masters 1000 title in Paris in November 2010, and was ranked 5th in his last ATP tournament in carrer, at home in Bastad in 2011, when he beat David Ferrer for his 10th and last ATP title.

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