French Federation to Appeal against Roland Garros´ Modernization suspension!

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French Federation to Appeal against Roland Garros´ Modernization suspension!

Through a statement, the French Tennis Federation (FFT) declared to have noted the decree of the Paris Administrative Court of suspending the reclamation work of Roland Garros in the botanical garden of Auteuil greenhouses.

In theory, the suspension that came into effect from 18th December had to last for three months but the established period has taken longer time. The renovation (full details here) should be finished in 2019. So the FFT has decided to present the case in the Court of Appeal so that the Council of State of the French Republic can take a decision. The statement read, "The FFT stresses how, in a situation where public money is rare, finances coming in from 95% of Roland Garros' renovation, thanks to the earnings of the tournament that every year are around 300 milion euros, allow the financing of popular tennis in France. "Of course this suspension of the works does not favour projects for extending Samaritaine, Foundation Louis Vitton or the Olympique Lyon Stadium.

But FFT stresses really that once again despite the unanimous agreement of all the official bodies in a meeting held with the qualified people and environmental experts in natural heritage, sites and landscapes, the suspension of modernisation of Roland Garros is delaying a project connected to the city, sport and nature. "FFT also adds that Jean-Camille Formigé greenhouses will not be destroyed but will be preserved and the garden that borders on Serrers will be embellished by a new workers team conducted by Mark Mimram.

Those new greenhouses are indispensable for renovation of botanical gardens in Paris. FFT also knows that opponents of the proposed project do not have good alternatives from the operational, legal and enviromental point of view, all of which are impossible to finance." The FFT's statement also added that it would be impossible to extend Roland Garros in Bois de Boulogne. "Federation re-affirms the importance of this project for the future of the Grand Slam tournament, for French tennis, for France's image and Paris' candidature to host the 2024 Olympics," it also emphasised.

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