Australian Open Saw Largest Number of Doping Tests in Tennis History

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Australian Open Saw Largest Number of Doping Tests in Tennis History

Tennis - While many players have complained about not there being not enough doping tests in tennis, the authorities surely seem to have taken note of the same. The Australian Open in January had the largest number of doping tests ever in tennis history with each player, male or female, competing in the main draw or qualifying draw of the singles events, undergoing a blood test.

As per Daily Mail, besides the blood tests for each player, there were additional tests (urine tests) for players during the event by Swedish company IDTM. It was during the Australian Open that former World No. 1 Maria Sharapova tested positive for the banned substance meldonium.

As a result of that, the Russian has been suspended from tennis effective March 12 and could face a ban of upto four years. In a recent interview, Federer said that while tennis has seen more testing than before, he feels that they should do more.

"What is the right amount and what’s not? Clearly, I was very surprised [about Sharapova]; I thought she was going to announce her retirement. But it also shows that the famous players can get caught in the system." Another player, Andy Murray also said he thought tennis should have more testing.

"I think all sports can do more, I think it's better than it was a few years ago. Last year I certainly got tested a lot, but this year I've been tested once, twice, so far this year, and we're three months into the year." With this news, Federer and Murray should surely be happy that tennis authorities have taken note of their demands for increased testing.

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