Radwanska´s mother: ´Aga posed naked to give a lesson to her father´

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Radwanska´s mother: ´Aga posed naked to give a lesson to her father´

In 2013 Agnieszka Radwanska posed naked to 'give a lesson to her father', too obsessive and linked to tennis. 'He didn't want her to have a boyfriend and wanted her to get married as late as possible so it wouldn't interfere with her tennis career - said to Daily Mail Marta Radwanska, Aga's mother.

The separation between her parents made Radwanska very angry with his father, who has another woman now. Marta added that Robert was very strict and demanding and used to shout at her on the courts and would always get angry.

About the naked pics, there were many controversies not only with her father but with Polish people too. And even Marta Radwanska convinced Aga to pose naked. 'She thought about it for a long time and when she showed me the photos of other athletes who had been in the magazine I realised that it was prestigious and in good taste so told her to go ahead with it.

Her father wasn't happy.' As you can understand, a sad story but that did not influence much Radwanska on the court. Luckily, probably it made Aga stronger, instead for example of Dokic who was forced to stop playing tennis.

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