Important rule change in the Olympics format

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Important rule change in the Olympics format

Goodbye "marathon-matches". After Davis Cup, also at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro the decisive set (third one until semifinals, fifth one in the finals) will be decided by tie-breaks on 6-6. It's an important rule change, taking in consideration that in London 2012 Roger Federer beat Juan Martin Del Potro 19-17 in the third set at semifinals level after more than three hours.

At Grand Slam level only at the US Open players play the tie-break on 6-6 in the fifth set.

Roger Federer is open to more changes, he thinks other Majors could have a tie-break at 12-all. 'They can compromise and have a tie-breaker at 12-all. Play another six service games each. Usually it doesn't go to that, anyway, to 12-all.

If it does go there, you had your chances to break or not to break, so you're happy, maybe, to be in a tie-breaker,' added Federer.
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