David Nalbandian turns into a Rally Racer!

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David Nalbandian turns into a Rally Racer!

David Nalbandian is now testing his skills as a rally racer by competing in Argentina's national rally championship. Nalbandian comes from the Argentine city of Cordoba, where rally race is a tradition, and it was not surprising that Nalbandian was intrigued by the different challenges that rally racing throws at the drivers.

“Racing in Argentina is great, it's different than tennis. It's a novel kind of experience. I am enjoying, having fun. I always liked rallying. I always say I am a rally fan. I race in Argentina nationals,” Nalbandian said.

The Argentinean though made it clear that he does not aspire to be a professional rally driver. “Tennis was my job and racing is a hobby. It's very different. I don't have pressure here. I am learning and trying to do as best but not as a professional,” he said.

He further added, “I watched the rally in mountains for four-five years, really liked it. Motorsport is different, it's on a gravel, snow and tarmac. It is different from the first to second stage. Anything can happen.

There are stones in middle of stage. Everything change all the time that's why it is very difficult," he said explaining what he likes most about the rallying. When asked about the present scenario in tennis, the Argentine responded by saying, “There are not many players on top as before and make difference to the order.

I don't see many players coming from behind. Djokovic and Murray are going to be in top-5 consistently. It will take a few years to see a change.” He also spoke about Roger Federer and how thes Swiss is running out of time.

“It is difficult, he is getting older, and physically every month is worse, because you are getting older. In tennis physique is lot (important). He has suffered many injuries in his career and is suffering now. He has some chance, just few months.

He still has it in it. Every month going on is tough for him,” he said ALSO READ: Jamie Murray: ´Andy and I have a good shot to win doubles medal at the Olympic Games´