Do tennis players plan for their retirement?

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Do tennis players plan for their retirement?

"The future is unknown. I just know I see myself capable to go on competing. I'm happy doing what I'm doing..." said Rafael Nadal back at Mallorca from the US Open as he addressed the media at a press conference.

Retiring surely isn't a word or situation in Nadal's or any other tennis player's vocabulary and just the idea of thinking about it becomes annoying and frustrating to most players. They might put away some monies for when that time comes, but no tennis player really wants it to ever happen.

The average working person thinks about retirement when they look around and see every co-worker younger than themselves producing work a bit faster than they can' pension plans, social security and even 401K items are scheduled into a pre-retirees plan.

Players look at being active in tennis more no performance than age; that's what really matters to them. Venus, Serena, Federer, Nadal and more, may consider planning for retirement in the realm of non-performance. If they aren't continuously winning they would rather change their playing strategies first, before thinking about retiring.

But when changing strategies fail to produce winners and their game continues to falter, it would have to be in pure desperation to ever consider losing hope and throwing in their racket; Imagine Serena, Venus, Federer, Nadal or any top 10 player with their ranking dropped to 20 or 30! Never will happen! Illness and injury are big issues that will cause the average player to plan on retiring.

Robin Soderling was plagued by the reoccurring symptoms of glandular fever that he couldn't get over and a few years ago retired. He started his own company--RS Black Edition, a new tennis ball sporting company. Marion Bartoli one day suddenly had a press conference announced her retirement due to injuries and tearfully left; later starting her apparel collection.

Flavia Pennetta last year won the US Open then surprisingly announced her retirement; not long afterwards Mardy Fish had bouts of arrhythmia and anxiety attacks which caused him to throw in the towel when he was unable to travel by plane or at times to come out of the house.

There are pension plans structured for the ATP and WTA players but they are not interested in even thinking about retirement or pensions at the moment. What most tennis players have in common are their desires to play a game they grew up with; not thinking about retirement, just thoughts about playing on tour, elevating their rankings, meeting people and having fun.

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