Kimiko Date Krumm divorces from her husband Michael

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Kimiko Date Krumm divorces from her husband Michael

Kimiko Date Krumm and her husband Michael Krumm announced they divorced on Monday 26 September. The Japanese player, who has not been competing since January because of a knee surgery, is not living the best moment of her life personally as well.

They wanted to clarify that their decision was taken in a friendly manner and with common understanding. 'Over the last few years we have both pursued our professions and we have always supported and encouraged each other’s activities.

I am Kimiko’s biggest fan and in the last few years she has achieved some amazing things in Women’s Tennis and I am very proud of this for her', said Michael Krumm, who is a German professional racer - Also she has supported my racing unconditionally even when my schedule was at its craziest.

I will always continue to support Kimiko in whatever she does in the future as I am sure she will me.' Kimiko said they 'realized some changes happening to our lives, and when thinking of our long life to come, we decided that it is better to go our separate ways.

Our relationship is still amicable. As we both had a lot of time in Tokyo this year, we lived together and we were dining together. I believe that our relationship will not change in a big way even after our divorce, and we will probably meet as friends.' Story by Tennis World DE ALSO READ: John McEnroe: 'I could never imagine that in Wimbledon players could play from the baseline'