Marco Cecchinato faces three-year ban for match-fixing

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Marco Cecchinato faces three-year ban for match-fixing

The match-fixing case involving Marco Cecchinato is far from ending smoothly. The Italian sports authority received an appeal from the public prosecutor on behalf of the Italian tennis Federation against the decision of the Court of Appeal of reducing Cecchinato's ban from 18 to 12 months and the fine from €40,000 to €20,000.

The appeal also included the reduction of penalty on Riccardo Accardi and Antonio Campo, who had attemped to fix matches. Acciardi saw his ban being reduced from 12 to 10 months and the fine from €10,000 to €5,000, while there was no reduction in the €4,000 fine imposed on Campo.

For Cecchinato and Acciardi, the authorities have asked for at least a three-year ban. The Court of Appeal had said that there wasn't any plan to fix the matches. The biggest accusation towards Cecchinato at first was the fact that he had fixed the match played against Kamil Majchrzak in the Mohammedia Challenger in October 2015.

A few weeks before playing this match, Cecchinato, angry because they had lost a bet on an Italian football match, had said to his friend Riccardo Accardi, who was the one to bet, that they could consolidate only with the money earned in Morocco.

But according to the Tribunal, Cecchinato intended to get a good result in the tournament so that he could earn a good amount of prize money. He had told Accardi to bet for a win of his opponent because was not feeling well and not because he wanted to lose intentionally.

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