No drug test done at the Shanghai Masters in 2016!

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No drug test done at the Shanghai Masters in 2016!

Drug tests have increased over the last years, but there is still much work that needs to be done. The British newspaper The Times revealed that at the Shanghai Masters in October there wasn't any drug test done. According to a source related to the event, one of the oldest on the Tour, often the drug-testing agents don't go even there.

Also, a top player said that not being tested is much more common than seeing tubes and needles. A top-50 player instead said he was tested eight times in 2016, despite he played 20 events and 65 matches. The more money, the more drug tests: WADA has a budget of $4 million per year, an amount that isn't so big considering how many tennis players are on the ATP Tour.

The ITF Doctor Stuart Miller said, 'In a perfect world, the program would be efficacious and would have a deterrent effect if we were able to test every player, every day, for every substance. Unfortunately you can't and so we have an anti-doping program that changes every year.

You nade drug tests in certain days, both in and out of competition. There aren't drug testers every day.' Speaking about Therapeutic Use Exemptions which were used by Nadal and Williams sisters a few years ago, Miller said there weren't too many in 2016, which according to him showed how solid the system was.

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