A closer look at Shelby Rogers' performance against Simona Halep

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A closer look at Shelby Rogers' performance against Simona Halep

The match was barely an hour old, but Shelby had overlooked much of the hangups that lower ranked players have such as coming out rattled, not being consistent and trouble finding their marks. "I came out pretty relaxed and attacked pretty well", Rogers had said, looking all cool and calm as she was interviewed by Chris McKenley at the open aired booth.

It wasn't evident that this was the Shelby ranked number 54 who gave the number four player in the world, Simona Halep, a tennis lesson. Was this the Shelby of last year and even a few years ago? Not at all. She was a lady with a purpose, banging excellent crosscourts, moving forward, giving sharp angled groundstrokes and attacking whenever possible.

Shelby handed Halep a full menu of shots, more than she could ever have ingested and conquered. It was in the early second set that Simona Halep had an injury timeout without anyone knowing what really was the matter.

Many have speculated that in her head was the fact of her losing last year in the first round and here she was in the first round again. But as Rogers continued to blast away with nearly every shot, not only did everyone marvel at her great demonstration, but fans were leary of why Simona wasn't playing very well; not returning those tough, blistering shots with as much vigor as Shelby gave them, not being able to predict where Rogers' slams were going to go and just out of sorts for the number four that we all have seen and admired.

But Shelby had some injuries and ailments of her own a while back, but was glad they were gone and said that "Just being healthy that worked for me". It surely did for her to defeat a top ranked player in a bit over an hour at 6-3, 6-1.

It wasn't much of a contest and if Rogers can keep this consistency and excellent play going, she'll surely be in the driver's seat to making her way straight up to the road of the finals.