Can injured players tolerate watching tennis or players with no passion play?

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Can injured players tolerate watching tennis or players with no passion play?

The ideal situation for playing tennis is to be mentally and physically healthy to play, get proper coaching, learn how to execute shots and win after good practice sessions. But everything will not be tht easy and once an injury or illness happens, mentally they can be in complete agony.

It won't be easy to sit out and take it all in stride. Victoria Azarenka is out after giving birth to her son and was photographed with the baby in his stroller on a tennis court; whee she was ok with it, knowing that she can't play right at the moment, some players find it to be a terrible time.

Federer was out quite a while from a knee injury and ailments and he mentioned that it was "painful" being in New York and not playing in the US Open or technically, not being able to play the US Open. Juan DelPotro has endured many years of agonizing wrist surgeries and rehabs and for a while was just not able to play.

He says that "I got frustrated at home and I didn't watch tennis on TV because it was sad for me". It was nearly nine months one time that DelPotro had an absence from the game he loved and to know his rankings were at the 1,000 was horrible enough.

America's Jamie Hampton, 26-year-old has been out of the game for years when at the 2014 ASB Classic she withdrew from playing Venus Williams due to a hip injury. Afterwards she's have close to six surgeries and says that it's sad to watch because she really can't play; some of it she'll keep up with but a majority of it she won't.

Serena has been out for two straight WTA Finals in Singapore with right shoulder issues and hasn't played hardly since losing to Czech player Karolina Pilskova. But she finds with tennis that when she can't play she says "I'll still watch the WTA Finals since there are some players I like playing..." But many players have lost the motivation and drive for the game and they have retired.

It was back in the 1990s that Argentina's Gabriela Sabatini had won many titles, honors and events but lost the motivation. Sabatini's last coach Juan Nunez had said tht "she lost the fire to compete because of the pressure she's put on herself over the years..." As a result she left the game and started a fragrance business among other investments.

Australia's good player, indifferent attitude Nick Kyrgios has mentioned that he really lost his passion for the game, that is if he ever had it. He says "I love basketball...I don't really like the sport of tennis that much...I got pushed by my parents and to this day I can still say I don't love the sport..." This 'unlove' of the sport may be the main reason for his acting up and out on the court when he plays the game, even though he plays so well but finds it difficult to play...period.

John McEnroe had once became frustrated seeing him act out and says why doesn't he quit or just leave the sport. But it seems like that's not happening at the time and basically that's the only way he's earnig a living.

Many players are caught between a rock and a tennis racket of knowing not any thing else to do and if they have a preference, they may not choose tennis. Is it easier to sit out while being injured and keep up watching the sport or is it easier to be healthy and just try to continue playing on the tour? Both are terribly difficult times for these players and hopefully they will have to find their cushion for passion, love, success and money whether it be sooner or later.